Heart Catcher

Hello Beloved Ones

First I want to acknowledge all those who sent me wonderful emails in regard to “same sex” marriage, some were very kind, and some were unkind, but it is a wonderful dialogue to have. Each of you is the beloved.

In my book called, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”, in a chapter entitled THE BOOK OF HEART references the following way of being, “The heart is the seat of the soul. It dictates to the mind what to do. The mind never dictates to the heart. If the mind tries to dictate to the heart, then struggle, and pain come.”  So the heart is feeling, being is feeling.  In the feeling the heart lives.  Our society has taken the law of attraction and turned into a mind thing.  It is not, nor is living a mind thing.   When the mind tries to educate anything it kills the knowledge because true knowledge is not found in the mind.  True knowledge can’t be anything because it is everything now.   I AM is not a mind tool, although used as wonderful affirmation tool to practice with early on, it is the all living presence in you. God is not out there as a third person, or second person, it is first, present tense, now.  In you, all abiding.

So the feeling in the being is the the language spoken.  The feeling then is translated by the mind into thought then into action and turned into physical.  The manifesting happens much quicker when it is felt in the heart.   The disciples where disciplined.  Disciplined to understanding the heart is the best way to start. Quicker, clearer action comes with still mindedness. Still mindedness acts like a heart catcher.  The heart feels, the mind catches and goes. It is grace in action.

How does this feel?  Stop worrying, start feeling.  I love the power of feel.  When we bring the word “now” it is abstract, and takes us out of the essence.  Feel is the key. How does my heart feel now? IS it uplifted, does it feel down, then turn it around.  Trust in the feeling, your feelings, let them guide you. It takes practice to listen and feel.  So release judgement and self-rejection, have faith in the feeling, and keep your mind still.   There is no power out there, none, it is within.


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