Life Is Not Personal

I was speaking the other day on the topic of love.  Let me be clear on the love I was speaking too, not a personal love, an idea, concept, some dream about another person saving you from your own creations, but a “impersonal love”.  A love with no attachments, no right/wrong, no worry, concern, confusion, a place that is actually here.  As I spoke about Love, I brought up to the congregation that when we blame, judge another, gossip, we are separate from the love awareness. For if we actually felt connected to the love now, then judgement, blame, and gossip would not exist.

I was having a conversation with someone, and in the conversation  they had to be right.  We had reached a healthy understanding then came the “right” card.  That being “right” in someway they won something.  There is a wonderful saying, “Just because your right doesn’t mean I am wrong.”  We are in a constant state of wanting to know what everything is and why it is happening, and frankly we have no idea, so we make it up.  And then down the road we find that we were wrong, because we forgot we made it up. There is one creator, who is doing fine without you getting in  the way.

Right now admit to yourself that you have no idea what anything means in your life or why it happened. In that space of acknowledgment you will find the wisdom.  So why do we take life personal?  Why do we take our team winning or losing personally?  Why are we so serious? Or worse yet, why must we be right?  Each answer will lead you to maybe the same answer. We don’t listen. Life itself is listening to itself. Take that in, feel that.  Right now the mind wants to make something of it.

Life is personal because we put an investment, expectation, ideal, tradition, goal, experience, history, and we forget to listen.  When we shut up inside and listen to the other fully, we meet them right now, with no strings.  When we control others and make them wrong all the time, we are not trusting love right here.  There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing to change in others, and yet we have to surrender everything we know to listening, when we become better listeners we laugh more, and filled with more joy and peace.  Admit to yourself, that you don’t know, that you have been creating drama, chaos, judgment, stories, because you have been lost in thinking. Thinking every once in while is fine, but obsession is not.

TODAY:  Listen fully with your whole self, and shut up and really listen. Stop acting like you know what’s going on with people. Let your practice be in listening. As you get still and listen, you will discover compassion, and love as they are now.

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