My Friend Harvey.

Growing up early on, I had the wonderful opportunity to catch the early acting bug.  Acting disciplined a young man that resisted control, conformity, and was in a lot ways dealing with lots of unworthiness and trying to fit in.  As an introvert, I had a better time dwelling inward, and less of good time expressing. When I met acting it gave me the liberty to express freely, as myself, with no holds bar on what I could say or not say.  It opened a gate way of liberation within my soul and I found that my alter in life was acting.  There I was able to explore my inner demons, express different outlets, and dance with the shadow.  There was great freedom to just be who I was. I loved it. Those doors led me to facilitate workshops, speak, and write today on love, peace, and life.

In high school I was cast in Christmas Carol, a semi-professional theater company. It was a blast because I was working for the first time with adults.  What was even more remarkable I was working with men that had been in relationships with other men for years.  They were so happy, and in love.  My director at the time was a Mr. Harvey Berman, Harvey changed many people’s live, and most of all changed mine.  He taught me everything that he could about theater, life, education, life, and most of all being yourself.  He and his partner were together for over 35 years old.  Harvey never brought it up, but him and Danny were in love.  I remember bringing my girlfriends by to meet to  Harvey, they loved him and I loved him as well.  I loved that he was free to express himself, that he could care less about what others thought, and he had nothing to hide.  He was Harvey. Harvey was theatrical, funny, and wonderful.

I moved down to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and go to school, we kept in touched, met for breakfast, and the last time I saw Harvey, we met for breakfast at Canters on Fairfax.  I brought my then 3 year old daughter Harper with me. He was so happy for me, and wanted to know all the gossip in my life.  Was I acting? Was I on stage? What was happening with David?  He was so excited to find out about my life and so proud of me. Harvey passed away last year. Harvey was my friend, teacher, director, motivational speaker, and I loved him very much.  As friends love friends.  I met Harvey when I was 15 years old, and he put me in my first big show, and cast me in a opera for goodness sakes, I didn’t sing in it, but loved it. I knew him for 24 years.

It baffles me to hear that we still struggle on this planet with marriage for same sex couples,  what I learned is  love is love.  Harvey loved life and loved people. He could care less about anything else, but loving. Today he still reminds that love always wins.  You can fight it, create rules, separate, do everything you want to keep it away, but love will win and when you meet that love, whether a friend, stranger, partner, you will understand.  I miss Harvey, I miss our breakfasts, I miss carrying his newspapers, I miss our chats, I miss our coffee’s, but I love that I know what it feels like to love, how real love is.

Love is authentic, real, and everyone deserves it, everyone! Thank you Harvey for your love….


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