Same Sex Marriage Is Not About Religion

Our fore fathers were wise, filled with wisdom, yes they made mistakes, like we all do, but to formulate and write, “Separation of church and state”, well that is brilliant.  Many people are gathering in Washington for the decision of whether the court finds it constitutional for same sex couples to marry.  In a country that treats everyone as equal, which we are, this is an easy choice, yes they should marry.

Now we have lots of religions that teach love and then box out certain groups and call them evil in the mind God, and yet teach that we are born in the image of God.  Either way you look at your belief is your way, but if your religion decides that they will not marry same sex couples congrats, and if your religion decides they will congrats.  You can talk all day about what God wants?  It’s just speculation, opinion, but Truth that is universal stands the test of time.  Truth is truth. Not your truth, but an impersonal truth.  In your heart you know what is right.

This country has the right for equality for all. Everyone has a right to marry, to freedom of speech, and freedom and liberty. EVERYONE.  Because of this right, you have a right to choose your religion, partner, and how you are in the world. My hope is that what you choose is love for all. Not love for a certain group, and hate for others because you deem them different, but love for all.

If my daughter down the road discovers that she wants to marry a woman or man, I celebrate her, because she is my daughter and I love her and want her to be happy and free and enjoy the best of life. I want her to be happy in her choices and be happy.  I want her not to deal with nonsense from controlling people who spend time judging others, criticizing, and gossiping about how it used to be. Frankly love evolves, for yourself and others. We evolved from the old testament, to the new, and now we are expanding to another level of acceptance.

I love the phrase in religion GOD IS LOVE. Simple, complete, full, and frank.  That is it. Nothing to figure to out, work through, judge, or gossip about.  All is love. That means if you are judging another, then you in turn are judging yourself.  Because there is only love.  Love your neighbor as you, not hate your neighbor because they like the same sex, if that is the case it speaks more about the hater than the lover.  Stop hating, stop being a hater.  You keep your religion that suggests that God is less then LOVE itself, and I will stand up for those in this country that deserve to be see.Which is everyone.  Love for all.

David Matthew Brown is a contributor to Patheos, and is an author, spiritual counselor, facilitator, and speaker who is to help people around the world end the inner violence within and discover peace.  His book, THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING is becoming a growing movement of that peace he talks about.


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