The Metaphor Of Love

There was woman who went out to her garden, to plant. While she was out tending to the weeds, and watering the vegetables, she saw a plant in a smaller holder.  She decided to move the plant to the garden.  The plant was placed in the dirt by the woman, at first the plant seemed uncomfortable by the vast space it was  given, almost frightened.  So the woman prayed over the plant, the plant was a rose. Soon the rose became comfortable in it’s new found home and and began to sprout strong roots in the ground.  Everyday the woman leaned down and prayed over the rose. And everyday the rose grew and grew stronger.  Till one day the rose was a magnificent red. The smell of the rose filled up the garden.  The woman smiled and prayed again over the rose, during her prayer she stopped, and felt as though the rose  was praying for her now. She smelled the scent of the rose, and began to weep. For now this flower which she so loved was loving her back.  A miracle had occurred.


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