My two cents: Spiritual or Human?

I have heard many people in spiritual circles use, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Or We are spiritual beings in a human body having a spiritual experience.” What ever the case, how ever you see life or your life or this life as “human” or “spiritual”, they are both labels on who we are.  The labels are just another way to divide and in some ways dismiss  life.  The suggestion is when things are going bad or good, no worries it is part of the spiritual experience in this human body.  But in the spiritual experience we are taught of the “Omni” of the presence being everywhere and in the human we taught of the earthy things, yet human whether we deny it or not means “God-man” so both spiritual and human are a play on words.

Just because you call your walk spiritual doesn’t necessary mean you are authentic and because you call your walk human doesn’t really mean that you are aren’t spiritual. Everyone is learning, and no one really knows it all in “spiritual” or “human” because none of us really knows what is actually happening. Just when you have it “figured out”, life comes and brings you down to the earth to remind you that we are all connected to both Earth and sky and each other.

My take is one in which we treat ourselves as “beings”  simple. I have been around lots of “spiritual” or “human”  and most of them are sincere, kind people. But because someone doesn’t practice some spiritual practice doesn’t mean that any of us are above them or below them.  By seeing each other as beings we take away the nonsense and put things in perspective.  As beings we become equal again.  I have seen to my disgust “spiritual communities” turn their nose up to people who are “Spiritual” as they struggle,  suggesting they did something wrong as their world is falling apart, or suggest that they aren’t positive enough, or they can’t manifest correctly, or they don’t understand spiritual law, and frankly that is gross and despicable.  On the other hand I have seen people who may not have considered themselves “spiritual”, open themselves up, and share compassion and kindness with the suffering, with friends.

I don’t know what Jesus’s intent was but it appears it was to love and love others in the way in which you love yourself.  Simple. And yet that act has taken us over 2000 years to understand.  Maybe as a society we need to redefine ourselves as “beings”, let go of labels, spiritual, human,religions,  nationalities, sexuality, job titles, etc…and relate to each other as “beings who love each other as we love ourselves”. And if to do that you have to practice something every morning to connect to your heart then so be it. If not, so be it.

My take is we are all beings, simple.  Lets end the division in spiritual communities. So your religion helps you achieve connection to your heart, and that works for you, wonderful, does it mean that you have something on me, or you are better, and I am less for not being a part of your dogma. No way.  It means we are two beings who connect to our hearts in different ways but that in that connection we see we are connected, we are connected, and that is beautiful.  I love you, because I love myself. I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME.  Now lets speak to each other that way.


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