Day 38 of 90: Moksha Yoga, IS?

As I entered day 38 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA  I was a little sluggish but excited for my practice.  I laid briefly on my mat this morning and contemplated the warmth of the room and the word “IS” entered my mind.  I love yoga. I love it because everyday on my mat there is something to be with, explore, and most importantly breath with as well.  As I sat with the word “IS”, some words came forward “inner strength” and “inner spirit”. I have heard the “ISness of life”, or “be with what is”, and I had a difficult time with the latter. But being with the sense that “IS” can be looked at as “inner spirit” really relaxed my body and mind.  When I am completely present in my breath I am really in my inner spirit of each pose, or inner strength.  Spirit to me is strength, so there is no difference for me.

Today teacher Joe really focused us on the inner guide and listening to the source with in. Reminding us of the breath within and staying connected to the inner guide.  Listening to it, and checking in to see if we need to take breaks.  Staying grounded in the earth and letting gravity work.  As I have brought up on a number of writings, I love this idea, of gravity pulling you down and grounding your poses.  Today’s practice offered me freedom and focus and inner strength. I realized that when I am connected to “IS”that I am connected to now.  It is very powerful, because now I see how the mind wants to pull me away from my authentic, innate inward power.  So in my poses I enjoyed the presence a lot more and watched how weak the mind is. Now I know why the present moment is a gift, it is offering us so much now.  Eckhart Tolle is right “THE POWER OF NOW”.  There is great power here.

Now that said it is quite challenging to work with the process of coming here now, so be gentle, be kind to yourself in your discovery.  We all have our moments. I feel like today’s practice really gave me a point to come back to when the mind wanders away like it sometimes does.  I simply bring my attention to “IS” the inner spirit dwelling now and dwelling in all of us, and when I connect with it, life becomes full of riches and great wealth. Lots of blessings, and thanksgivings for now.

On to day 39….Namaste

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