Day 45 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Nonviolence

Day 45 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and as I entered the half way point of this adventure into vulnerability, compassion, and the life within, I realized that our culture which means cult, spends a lot of time defending the outer, and so when I mention nonviolence I  am sure the focus outside  goes to guns, wars, and all the rest of it.

But in this blog we are going to focus on the inward life.  When its quiet and you are alone to listen to yourself, are you beating yourself up, judging yourself, criticizing yourself, shaming yourself, or even thinking about regrets and resentments.  My own discovery on the mat has been one of going into the inner war and bringing peace to it.  What would my life look like? Feel like? Be like? Without inner violence and can I walk a nonviolent life inside of myself. So the second half of this journey is to walk in nonviolence against myself.

Our teacher Carolina introduced the idea of taking our time with the practice, giving our self breaks, and breathing with the pose.  This goes along the lines of my intention today in class, to bring nonviolence to my pose.  To be gentle and kind with myself no matter what.  So each pose I met with nonviolence and where I started to beat myself up, no worries, I brought more breath into the pose to relax the yang, and bring more love in. The breath is love. Every time you breath, you are loving yourself. When you think endlessly, you will notice the breath stops, and then you become shallow in your breath and in your life. So I love breathing, it is a simple act of love for myself.

Today I added to my new way of being in life as a nonviolent yogi,  by going next door to Clover Juice, I am glad I did. Most students after class go to Clover and get a juice.  I have decided to eat healthy and by adding a juice to my day. Clover is a wonderful place filled with employees who are friendly and out going.  My daughter chose for me a juice called the Black Chia. Filled with Agave, water, Chia, and it was delicious and really helped me after practice today. So if you get a chance to do Moksha, go next door and try a juice.   I am excited now to go to Clover and add it to my nonviolent inner lifestyle.  I love taking care of myself and health is a huge factor, it tells the heart you care.

On to day 46…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown

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