Day 50 of 90: Moksha Yoga, The Big 5-0

Day 50 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and I arrived to hear two people singing and playing a guitar in the lobby. Quite fun.  I am finishing my 50th straight day of hot yoga and love that after class I received a text message from a woman on the east coast who was inspired by my journey, and has enrolled in a yoga class to start her journey. Yoga inspires.

Tonight I laid on my mat and dove into my breath. Teacher Joe was on fire with his wisdom and guiding us through our practice, at one point he offered us an invitation, to do the last half of practice with our eyes closed.  Those who have been reading this journey know that I spent a class early on with my eyes closed, but this time I noticed something. Joe  always mentions the intuitive breath, and tonight I noticed the intuitive breath within my own temple.  With my eyes closed I felt the breath within my body and felt it align my should blades, my spine, and like a gentle massage, open my heart up. Joe brought up to us that when we feel the breath in our body, it helps us feel, and open up. It also helps with touch.  I liked feeling the touch of my breath in my body. Massaging my inner temple.  Feeling how strong the breath is, compared to the mind.  Knowing that past, present, and future thoughts are happening right here.

I am also finishing off my three day juice cleanse at Clover Juice which I was inspired to do, and I must say I feel a lot more energy, I feel lighter, and I noticed something during these three days of my juice cleanse, I have to juice more.  I always resisted juicing because I wasn’t ready.  If you are being called to juice or try it, do it. The first couple of days I had my moments of temptation, and also on the first day had headaches caused by caffeine, but it passed after day one.  I am amazed by what simple things do to your body.

In yoga, it is the breath and the pose (body) with the mind wanting to get in the way. When I am juicing it is the same thing, the breath and body, with the mind trying to intervene.  So the practice for juicing is the same for yoga, be patient with yourself, be kind, be gentle within you, and most of all give yourself a break.  Everyone works differently, most take time to get it, and some move slow and others fast, but we will get there, which is being present here.

I recommend Clover and the staff has been awesome and very helpful. I have done many fasts, but if you can, have someone guide you, it helps, trust me.

On to day 51….Namaste….

   David Matthew Brown: Heart speaker, Author, Blogger, and Expert on Radio/TV.

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