Day 60 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Turned 60

Day 60 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Turned 60 September 8, 2013

Day 60 of 90 of straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA  and I showed up to celebrate milestone 60 by taking Yang/Yin with teacher Emily B.  The first part of class is filled with flow and the later part is filled with restorative poses. A wonderful class to take on a Sunday afternoon.

Emily led us through a wonderful practice and reminded us of being with the pose.  She offered us a couple moments to challenge ourselves, even if we fell over, it didn’t matter.  I am learning there is always a moment when I can sense my growth. I must admit, growth happens all the time, but it is a process, and a patient one at that.  Today I felt very strong in the flow and connected and it was great to feel my inner strength and feel how much power is inside. I also listened to my body and listened to it without wanting to push through the pose.

There is a wonderful story of a bamboo plant which grows 5 inches in 5 years and at then out of the blue it grows 9 feet. It shoots up 9 feet tall. WOW! Pretty incredible. So sometimes it feels like our growth isn’t happening, or like we aren’t growing.  But that is not true.  Everyday is a chance to show up on our mat and as we show up, we grow. Why? Because what I have learned is to just  show up, be present, and be with the pose. Let the pose be the teacher and the breath the guide.  Together they are learning to trust each other.  Sooner or later they will have moments of unity.  When that happens, it is hard to explain, the only way to explain it is, “AWEsome”.

Today was a day of noticing my growth, day 60.  Namste…

  David Matthew Brown: Student and Dad.

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