Day 64 of 90: Modo Yoga, You Are Right Here

Day 64 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and what a perfect class for me to take. A flow class with teacher Joe and 64 other yogi’s.  My day had already revealed some surprises to me, and so hearing Joe start class with, “You are where you are right now, you are always in the perfect place.”  With that something came forward, a new mind set, I have been writing about over the past two days that the body and breath are here on the mat, there is only really one thing that is refusing to accept now, and that is the mind. So what came forward was incredible discipline, focus, and expression in my practice today.

Joe reminded us that we are connected to the people next to us, that being mindful of stillness effects those around us and is quite powerful. I am discovering the nobility in stillness.  Joe brought up that the mind needs to put attention on something, so he invited us put it on the breath.  What was wonderful was the realization of, “Okay I am right here, no where else”, and then came this wonderfully strong practice, fully present and expressing. I could feel the person on my right, and behind me, and in front me, I could feel their energy, as we were there for each other.

At one point I went beyond my comfort zone, and fell over, and my first thought was not “shame on you for falling”,  but the first thought was,  “Awesome David you went past what you knew and tried something different.”  Everything felt stronger today, alive, engaged, and opened.  Flow was fun and exciting.  I could really sense the power of community, of life itself, of yoga, of expressing fully with no boundaries.

For those of you wondering about Modo Yoga and Moksha, they are the same place, just a name change. Change from Moksha to Modo.

MODO in Latin is defined as: now, just now, only.

On to day 65…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown: Student of Modo

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