Day 66 of 90: Modo Yoga, Challenges, Adjustments, and Changes

Day 66 0f 90 straight days of hot yoga at Modo Yoga and as I move closer to 90 straight days, I was reminded of patience and focus.  Today our class was taught by Emily M, and it was really great.  I was raised by a Mom who loved watching strong women on screen.  I bring that up because I am honored by the strong women teachers at Modo yoga. All of them are really strong, disciplined, and filled with wisdom.  Today was no different. As we entered the studio for practice, Emily M offered us an invitation to pick a place in the studio we have never been and place our mats down there. Simple? Maybe.

I realized in my practice how often I practice around the outer parts of the room , and never put myself in the center of the room, well today I plopped down in the center room, and  I felt a little bit of uncomfortableness, so I sat with it on my mat before class and felt it, and it went away. It is amazing as Emily pointed out, “How we create habits and get stuck in them.”  The challenge I had in the practice today was my body just felt tight and stuck.  So it felt great to have Emily give me some slight adjustments and challenge me to go further. When she did, I went further. By going further, the tightness and stuck feeling went away.

This is why I love this practice, or any practice, the more you show up, the more opportunity you will have to be fully focused on the mat and trust the practice in bringing you past your edge. I realized afterwards, that I was beginning to get comfortable in the poses, so by having Emily adjust me, I was able to expand my edge and work through some tough edges of my own practice. Reminds me of love, as we weed away all the stuff that keeps us from fully loving.

Emily spoke about the challenge of slowing down in the practice and how when we do that, the mind picks up, so she offered the invitation to allow the thoughts to come and go away.  To the strong women out there and heart centered men. Keep shining!!

On to day 67…Namaste

  David Matthew Brown:  Student of Life

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