You Are Not Alone

It is always interesting when we look back at things in our life, such as a lost job, business venture, relationship, if we can go all the way back to the very first moment we will see that  we  had already received the yes or no about the situation. There was a period in my life where my “no” really meant, “Well I don’t want to go, but if you convince then maybe I will go.”  Then your friends convince you and you go, then you have a not so great time, because the depths of you already gave an answer. Another example would be we meet someone, and we know, “Don’t get involved”, or even worse we receive a strong, “NO! Stay Away.” And then the person follows a movie script and romances us, or continues to pursue us till we feel like, “Well maybe, okay, you convinced me.” But we are not possessions to be had, we are beings.

What I have uncovered in my life is, these situations are here to teach us to trust our intuition.  That takes practice, and it is also teaching us to use our words, like we teach our kids.  No means no. Yes means yes.  But somewhere along the lines we were conditioned not to trust the first wave of intuition, which when we do, we end a lot of drama in our life.  I hear lots of “spiritual and religious” people say, “I am waiting for God to send me answer.” And yet it is here. It is just the loud noise in the head, that keeps us from hearing it.  Another example,  I have friend of mine who was complaining about not making enough money, and yet they seem to only talk about money. So they asked for advice and I said, “Stop thinking about it.” They laughed, but tried it out, and what happened, an unexpected check came. Thinking blocks the flow of your breath, it always blocks the flow of life from coming in. That is why forgiveness is wonderful. It helps open the gateway again to receive.

We are not good thinkers, so is thinking bad? Not at all. But endless thinking is not good for you or others or your health.  That is why finding a practice that quiets the mind, or activity that does the same, helps.  Because as the mind quiets, then you become a good listener, but more importantly you become a good listener to your feelings. So when a person asks you out, you will know, yes or no in a flash. Or when the business venture comes, you will feel the YES OR NO. The universe, God, Life, Love, what ever you use is not here to trick you, it is here to help you and guide you.  So by helping yourself quiet, you help your self receive.

The more I quiet on my yoga mat, the better receiver I become for the divine. We are receptors. So begin to find a practice to help you quiet, listen, and feel. You are not alone. Namaste

   David Matthew Brown: Founder of Heartspirational, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Host, Dad, and Yogi in process.

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