The Lost Book of Light: The Origin

The Lost Book of Light: The Origin November 4, 2013

The Lost Book Of Light: The Origin

This is an excerpt taken from, THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING By David Matthew Brown, you can buy the book at Amazon: The Book Of Light:The Heart Opening  this section is to remind you on this planet, where we are headed. The bigger vision. As the media focuses on the very few. This section reminds us that we are connected and coming back into our earth community.  Take your time and enjoy!



1.              There is only light. We are light. This is the truth, foundation, and beginning of everything.


2.              Light emanates from one source.


3.              It has no division and so it cannot be divided.


4.              The source of the light is immense. It is everywhere and in all places at once.


5.              There is no place the light is not.


6.              So as a light, each is whole, perfect, complete, and constantly radiating this fullness.


7.              Each light expresses it’s own uniqueness.


8.              Any disconnection from the light is based on the experience of the false appearing real, like a dream.


9.              Light observed a sound, then discovered through sight where the sound came from, next came a strange smell, then came the sensation of air, Then it observed touching this thing outside of itself. Then it observed through these senses that it had a body of its own; it felt panic, trapped, and that is when a thought came, “I”.


10.            Other lights started forming bodies and sounds. The sounds were used to communicate simple things. Getting use to the body was interesting. First the legs wouldn’t work, so crawling was very effective. Once crawling was used then walking on two legs became the next step. Lights were amazed by the body and by their arms, the senses, and by the vast land. Discovering this land was fun and fun to do


with others. You could make up games. Games at first were simple, communication was simple, and so the rules were simple. They found it fun to entertain each other.
11.            When the lights began to notice their bodies were different the lights began to “think” about those differences. It started to lose the silence through “thinking”. But each light was unique and they began to confuse the body and mind as who they were.
12.            The stories that were told were scary in nature, to grab the attention, and keep them entertained. They talked of conflicts, wars, battles, revenge, and hate, which the light knows nothing about. But it used its imagination. First stories were created by sound, then sound became words, words became language, and so forth. Hence the story is the lie. Stories can be good or bad. A story can be misinter­preted, but always there must be division. Light, remember has no division.
13.            Light likes to play games with it self. Other lights get together and talk about other lights as though they were different in some way.
14.            When light created this body and mind- silence was the birthplace. Light is charged up by its source through silence and quiet.
15.            This last statement is not an idea or image.
16.            Noise is the nature of the unnatural. Stillness is natural.
17.            At this point in the process called the slowing down.
18.            The light gets caught up in what it is seeing, more than listening to the silence. Getting caught up is called phenomenon.
19.            Human came to the light, which means God man.
20.            So light feeling lost, abandoned, and indifferent to the other objects it was seeing created a story of this place. The story was created to help it feel safe again. After it created the body known as a suit to experience earth mother. The story came from the unexamined question, “Why am I scared to be one?”
21.            The light created a being called God. I suggest being, because most lights still believe God is a man/woman. And when you create a story you need a villain, and that villain was called the devil. Lights recognized that all good stories need a villain to keep it going.
22.            It is here that groups formed to talk about this God who must be somewhere. Since they were caught in the phenomenon. They believed in what they saw (Thought) rather than what was real. This created competition and comparison. Everything was outside and inside became lost. If you feel scared now reading this, please go back to 4.
23.            This period seemed like a forgetting. The first lie in the story is to forget that you are light and connected to all. When one forgets who they are, they create a story to identify with. They tell the story over and over, to keep the identity going. But it is a story of a false self. Light needs nothing to be light. A story is the suggestion that one is not already light.
24.            In the period of forgetting began stories about God. As the
lights forgot who they were they projected this on the image of God. Making the suggestion that God had forgotten them, because they forgot themselves.
25.            The division continued. Fake knowledge came about: fake knowledge to “know” what was known in silence.
26.            Since the sun captivated them, they were mesmerized when it would leave and darkness came, they believed that this God was bad at night and good in the day. The lie began to grow. The second lie, which states that there is darkness and light existing at the same time.
27.            So stories were created upon stories about a God who would punish you. The lights felt like they were being punished; punishment happens when self-love is forgotten.
28.            Now the God had division. There was dark and light. They labeled the dark bad. How could they not, they didn’t understand it? They called the light good. Just terms, just words, for darkness didn’t really exist. But it was so real, that it felt like it did. It felt real by the continued story of what wasn’t.
29.            Others began to tell stories of the dark light. The dark light only came at night. But when it came it was scary. Sometimes the dark light was called darkness.
30.            So at night the lights would tell stories about dark light. It had to be a devil and be different then this God. This God must be against the dark light. Again the light was getting caught up in its own creation. Not realizing that the fight was never with another but was within.
31.            So the stories went. And there was division among the light.
32.            God and the devil fought. And yet they both were made out of nothing.
33.            Remember there is only light and light comes from one source. In case you are getting caught up in the story right now.
34.            The third lie came, the period of will.
35.            During this period the stories got out of hand. Now there was good light and dark light. The good was caught up fighting the bad. Each one began to form groups and tell stories about the others. If you liked the stories they told in a group, you would join that group. If you didn’t like the stories of the group you would form a story about that group and join the other group.
36.            Now a funny thing happened: people began to feel safe, secure, and happy in their groups. Judgment made them feel safe. It kept them from accepting. In each group they formed groups of people who they entrusted to create more safety and security. These groups within the groups felt more secure then the others and created rules to keep everyone happy. Everyone wanted to be happy. Nobody liked to fight. But they were fighting both inside and out.
37.            One-day dark light and good light met wills. The third lie called will is based on the story that you are granted will over another person, over your life, and that no-body could stop you. When in actuality to be willful is to simple express your uniqueness and let others express theirs. But the story had grown too much. They were discussing expansion in
their groups. The groups had become too big and willful for the space they inhabited. It was at this meeting that the two different stories from the two different groups became confused. They were no longer hearing each other. They went back to their groups and told them that the other side wouldn’t let them be free with more space. That it was their free will to do, as they wanted with space. They motivated the groups and as the light forgot and became more willful, both dark and good, began to learn ways to punish the others. Like the story of God and the devil, forgetting the truth that there was nothing against them.
38.            The good said the others were like the devil and claimed they were working for the good of God. The dark said the same about the good.
39.            And when the sun and the night met, which was called dusk, the two met. Confused by willful stories about each other, they refused to let go and forgot that light cannot defeat light. They played a weird game called war.
40.            This was marked as a frightening time. Something strange came over them. It comes over every light before it fights another. The shadow. Although some lights didn’t like it, others on both sides loved it. They felt like they could do anything they wanted to the other. They were possessed by will.
41.            At dusk some lights began to cry. It didn’t like the fright­ening time. By then the war had begun forgetting more of what it already was. But this time the war was outside not inside. Both inside and outside were one. The story of the wills became truth. Told over and over. What was real? What was not? This would later be the breaking point.
42.            These bodies during the war seemed to bleed, break, and be very sensitive to punching.
43.            After a period marked in space, these bodies laid every­where. Bloody, broken, hurt, and yet, the most unusual event happened.
44.            There were bodies that seemed to have no light in them anymore. There were just these shells that looked like the person had looked. The fourth lie was named death.
45.            This period of death was strange to the lights. Some became really sad. Others didn’t want to look, looked away, and others became even more caught up in the story of them that did it. Some found silence again, because the noise didn’t make sense anymore.
46.            One light sat in the darkness with its eyes closed and found answers in the silence. When the sun came up, the light knew.
47.            What did the light know?
48.            The light talked of a place called home, A place where all was one and together.
49.            That challenged all the stories that had been told.
50.            Other lights were confused. And yet others came to listen to the truth.
51.            Another story was beginning to grow about this light that discovered home and was healing people.
52.            Some hated this light, “Who does this light think it is?”
53.            Death had become time. Time had become thought and thought was noise.
54.            The light spoke of the timeless.
55.            The light instructed them “do not follow me”, but instead go there yourself and experience it.
56.            But others needed a road map. Their stories were novels now. They were lost, confused, but in light still.
57.            The light instructed them that dark and good don’t exist in the one.
58.            Each of you is the one.
59.            Others didn’t want to hear the truth anymore. Their stories they read daily and this story made no sense in comparison to one they were reading. And because it made no sense they decided to end this light. They formulated rules to stop the spread of this light. If it spoke again, then they would have to punish it. These groups of lights were living a story of power, greed, ownership, and couldn’t see anymore. They were blind to the light.
60.            The one light again spoke of the one and the oneness and all of us as a community.
61.            The powerful story of “having/getting more” told by dark light couldn’t take it anymore; they had formed groups around the land called religions, political systems, organi­zations, and businesses, more power, control, and stories.
Some groups were loved for this strange power over others. They even created a thing called money to control the group. The game was played out. Lights of all kinds found value in money. They realized if you had more money then you had more power, and could do what you wanted. The group called this valuing your self. You could value more light with more money. All would love you. They forgot again money was simply the effect not the cause.
62.            That story enticed so many lights that they believed that with this money they could be safe. They could build their own castles, boundaries, prisons, and pay others to watch their possessions. They craved power.

63.            From there systems called banks and government were formed. They came and made up rules and more rules on getting more of this money from other lights. They got money through paid labor, and taxes. They also created stocks, loans, credit, and other things to keep the light from seeing that it was connected to the whole. Thus began lack.


64.            And yet other lights began to connect to this thing called home. There were no rules, only acceptance, and from there came one voice. That voice was different then the powerful, and oppressive voices. That voice came to unite and not divide; it responded with care rather than reaction and punishment as had become the norm.


65.            Other lights that were developing this one voice were becoming powerful. They weren’t seen in the media, but they met in circles of light. They celebrated, danced, united, created, loved, and sang about the one light.


66.            The oppressive lights didn’t like this at all. So they began to


create more weapons, armies, and police, to end the celebration of light. “STOP IT”, they shouted. But remember there is only light and light is all there is.
67.            Other lights didn’t like this. But the media reported daily about war, battles, death, destruction, famine, and poverty. “Where is this unity?” politicians laughed and degraded. They wanted to remind the world of the lie story, and keep the lights separated.


68.            It seemed overwhelming, Crazy, and confusing, “How could this be? What happened? Nothing was making sense anymore.”


69.            Other lights began to say, “Turn off the media they are corrupting. They are not showing the truth.” Lie number five, the truth. This truth became personal. What seemed like good advice still added to the oppressions of the world.


70.            And yet, young lights were being birthed throughout the land. They were pure and began to raise the light back home. Much older lights were beginning to remember the story wasn’t real, and remembered the place called home.


71.            As in many stories told over the timelessness of the vast abyss called light, there comes one final fight. The fight to let go of the story and accept the place called home. As light would leave bodies, it would come back into different shells and experience itself in a new way. In this new way the light would learn how to come back home correctly, and live from itself again.


72.            During this time of the final fight many, many lights had decided to come back into the shells to celebrate, create,


dance, and sing as one again. Like they did eons ago. These lights have come from many different universes to party.
73.            It is and will be a party as never experienced before. The stories will be wiped off the map and money will be meaningless in trade.
74.            Communities will form, equality will be all there is, and service to all will be easy.
75.            The light will no longer create money, religion, politics, organizations, and business that separate people; it will take care of mother earth and replenish her while celebrating the feminine and the masculine as one. Not as a story, but as light.
76.            Lights will plant, create and celebrate with family, friends and communities.
77.            Life will light and light will be life.
78.            When the light leaves the shell. The shell will feed and nourish the land. The shell will be celebrated for the light it carried. Not the story of the shell mind.
79.            The communities will teach each other how to plant, make homes, cook, take care of the land, and connect to silence to recharge.
80.            Nature will rule, teach, and educate the children.
81.            Purpose will come from listening to the silence and adding to the planet.
82.            Yoga, Tai Chi, qigong, energy work, and meditation will be learned by the children and practiced by all.
83.            Dawn and dusk will be used to meditate and connect to silence.
84.            Light will be as it always has been.
85.            All stories will be left in books.
86.            As the light shines back on the land without division, the land will be as one.
87.            Solar energy and power will be all that will be used on this land.
88.            It is happening now.
89.            Is happening now.
90.            Light to light.
91.            You are light.
92.            Light comes from one source.
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