Endless Road To Rediscover

As we drop into our hearts, we realize that there is a “endless road to be rediscovered”, I put that into quotes because it is a lyric from a song by Avicii called “Hey Brother” and the beat makes me want to dance all day, I am just saying. Anyway back to the heart.  In Christian belief, we are taught by our master mystic Jesus that the path starts with G-d and ends there as well. Most every time he speaks about what to do, it is G-d first. As I mentioned in my other posts that we, together on this path must arrive at the center point of who we are. That connector that we all share is heart. The heart is the house of the soul.  Let me share an example, I was walking outside yesterday, and noticed a house with fresh cut grass. Simple right?  Now the grass is not concerned with how to grow, how long to grow, is the growth taking to long, it just grows.

The only things that stifles us as heart centered beings, is our choice to put our attention on our minds and not keep it in the heart.  By placing our attention on the mind, we play with comparing and comparing leads to competition, which leads to separation.  Because the grass has nothing to compare itself too, it grows, without comparing itself, it acknowledges that it is connected to it all. So nothing is personal.  In some belief systems, we are taught to believe that we are powerless to life and so we “think” life is against us. That is what is meant when we take our attention off the mark, which Christians call “sin” simply missing the mark. We miss the mark by placing our attention on the Ego mind and not the heart. Simple. That is why in Christian belief we have confession, to acknowledge that we placed our attention on the ego and not God.

So in our life, as we place our attention on our hearts, we develop a relationship in our heart with G-d. In this personal relationship with G-d, we are able to confess and ask for forgiveness within. The forgiveness is simply an acknowledgement of misplaced attention.  Forgiveness can only happen by taking complete responsibility and going to God. Now God doesn’t need to forgive you because the energy is unconditional, but you need to ask for forgiveness to acknowledge your misplaced attention.  Then you move on. All is forgiven. That is why for over 2000 plus years Jesus has stuck around.  Because through his life we are learning the stages of consciousness with God.  To overcome the ego and raise up in life (Heart). Till then it is a on going discovery of attention. Bring your attention to your heart and watch as the ego fights you.  My work in sessions and workshops has taught me many things, but I am a testament tot he power of the heart, and watching the trickery of the Ego. Your heart is not a “doormat” and either are you!

“David Matthew Brown is the new modern teacher on the heart in our time, he is the teacher of the Christ among us now. His powerful stories, jokes, and insights will raise you up and inward. His loving presence has helped me so much. Quietly he moves on this planet, but more people are yearning for his teaching. My family is blessed by him.”

Ed Moscow, Client


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