Grateful: A Love Song To The World

Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of life play on!”  I love all kinds of music because it  allows me and my daughter to dance around our place and laugh. Dancing and music and expression go hand in hand. When I freely express myself, I am filled with so much gratitude and love.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my heart, I am thankful for my daughter, parents, thankful for my divorce, thankful for the work I do, thankful for speaking, thankful for writing, thankful for playing, thankful for laughter, thankful for humor, thankful for my health, thankful for my home, thankful for love, thankful for friends, thankful for the sun rising and setting and thankful for the moon taking the baton and filling the night sky with its light to remind me that light never goes away, thankful for my cat, thankful for the thank you’s I receive from all over the world telling me, “Thank you for touching my soul”, thankful to a woman I met at service when I was going through a tough time in my life who said to me after I spoke, “David you are good soul.” Thank you to all my teachers for allowing me to get it and not give me the answer, thank you to all my relationships who are part of the mosaic of my heart, thank you to friends who have come for a short stay and those who have stuck around, thank you to those who found many different ways to call me names, pick on me, kick when I was down, hate me, dislike me, gossip, judge me, criticize me because it pushed me to go in deeper and love those parts in me that were activated by your words, thank you to my acting career and for always allowing me play and have fun, thank you to those that did not believe in me at all because that taught me how to not listen and learn everyone has an opinion but that changes too, thank you to Unity Burbank who found me when nobody else knew I could speak, thank you for my heart, there were many times when I tried to question you and now I fully trust in you, thank you to those that never gave up on me even when inside I tired, thank you to the many different religions and spiritual practices that prayed for me, and to my family and friends who prayed for me thank you, thank you to God for never giving up on this light, there were moments when I was flickering, and you  always brought forth angels  to pick me up.  I AM THANKFUL FOR THIS AND SO MUCH MORE. Amen

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