Go Forth!

By David Matthew Brown

We are here on this planet together
And when I see you fall I extend my hand to you
And when I fall you extend your hand to me
And we help each other
Inspire each other
Support each other
No agenda
Just a simple, “Don’t give up, you matter.”
Don’t give up on yourself
Others might
Others may try
Others may work really hard to ruin you
To ruin your name

To lie about you
Deceive you
You just keep walking forward
Karma catches everyone who thinks they got away
So you stay in your heart
Stay courageous
Self talk,
What ever you have to do to stay focused-
Sometime on your walk you may cry
Get upset
Because it will seem far
You are close
The louder it gets
The closer you are
Just walk
Keep walking
Mistakes happen when you walk towards your dream
So it means you are living
Those who don’t fall
Are trying to keep it all together
Dreamers are wild,
Dreamers do,
Dreamers walk,
Dreamers don’t listen to mediocre people
Who want them to fail…
We are part of the human race
It is not a race
But a chance to thrive, live, and love
Be you-
Death is walking with you
Let death inspire you and remind you
Time is wasting away
Don’t expend energy on people who wish you ill will
Walk away and bless them
You can do it and in fact you are!
Go, fly, be it, live it, and soar!!
I got your back
Do you have mine?
We are brothers and sisters all going through the same crap
Moving through the same self-hate, self rules, but we  must break through
To understand that we are BELOVED
Go forth and BE LOVED AND LOVE


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