“Catholicism” Premiering on EWTN

Very good news, especially for viewers left out in the cold like me. See, the folks at the local PBS affiliate let me down in my area (“Do what? We ain’t never heard of such a show”). Well, they tried to sound more intelligent than that but they completely missed the boat on the greatest documentary mini-series to hit the small screen since Ken Burn’s The Civil War.

Thank God my cable provider carries EWTN, which will premier Catholicism on Wednesday at 9 PM, Eastern Standard time. This will be “must see TV” as Greydanus and DiCerto point out in their video review here,

YouTube Preview Image

Two enthusiastic thumbs up! Who’s bringing the popcorn?

  • http://sophiatheseeker.wordpress.com Sophia the Seeker

    I’m exploring Christianity and I enjoy reading your blog.

    Where can I learn more about this?

    Is this the right one?

    I don’t have cable but I have a friend who would probably DVR it for me on EWTN.


    • Frank Weathers

      That’s the one Sophia. You can find more information over at Word On Fire as well.

  • Donal Mahoney

    I live in the St. Louis area where our PBS station, KETC-TV, chose not run the program but the station has found many, many programs on other religions including Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, This is something to remember for the next 40 years when your station holds its fund-raising events.

    It’s my understanding that EWTN will be showing only certain episodes not included in the package shown on many PBS stations nation-wide. I think it was even aired in Salt Lake City but not in St. Louis, a city sometimes referred to by the hyperbolic as the “Rome of the West.”

    But the next time your PBS stations asks for money, contribute to Catholic Charities instead.

    • Frank Weathers

      PBS agreed to only airing certain episodes. EWTN will air the full series. Diane @ Te Deum Laudamus! has the details.

  • Flamen

    Saw the first episode of CATHOLICISM on a PBS station and have never seen any others listed. Thanks for the information that the series will be on EWTN. I want to record them for friends to see.

  • Tapestry

    I bought the set it was beautifully done! Watched a couple of them twice.
    Then passed it on to my Nazarene friends in another state they actually
    had no problems with the way Father Barron presented the Church, of
    course the saints and Mary were a bit difficult to get through yet they
    say it was done with much reasoning and I think sometimes they could
    come home anytime, just waiting for the right moment.
    Now if I could just get my daughter to sit down and watch it!

  • http://www.bede.org Stefanie

    A friend recorded the PBS episodes for me — loved every minute! Can’t wait to buy the whole set — Christmas IS coming afterall.

    Tonight, I had it playing on our big projection screen as the RCIA folks were coming in for our Tuesday session. Allowed me to plug Father Barron’s website, too.

    • Frank Weathers

      Very cool!