A Wacky Idea for Cleaning the Sacred Sites in the Holy Land- UPDATED

Talk about things that are “ridiculously Catholic,” how about ridiculously Orthodox things like…BARFIGHT! Oh wait…CHURCHFIGHT!

I mean a fight instead of field-daying (read “cleaning”) the building is always more appealing.

Sheeeeesh. This is getting to be a routine, nay, traditional, occurrence. Call me crazy, but maybe it’s time this “responsibility” was outsourced to a neutral cleaning company, and then the costs shared five ways among the various parties involved here. That way, see, the holy places might actually get cleaned in time for Christmas, Easter, etc.

Here’s who the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs says is involved,

The Christian community of Jerusalem is divided into Eastern Orthodox, Monophysite, Roman Catholic, Uniate and Protestant denominations. Apart from the Armenian community, most of whom are descendants of refugees who arrived from Turkey in the 1920′s, the overwhelming majority of Christians in Jerusalem are descendants of the ancient Christian communities of the Byzantine period.

Who on earth would mediate the meeting to choose the vendor? And negotiate the “cost sharing” arrangements? Something tells me the Inter-Faith Dialogue folks won’t be able to get the job done. Perhaps the Dalai Lama is available. Or Henry Kissenger.

H/T Devin Rose.

UPDATE: Détente, anyone? Monsignor Pope discusses these incidents in light of his personal experience. The “cold war” turns hot quickly in the Holy Land. Also, I go on a historical journey to learn what is up with this behavior. Why don’t you come along?

  • http://www.hermitofbardstown.com Stephen Taylor

    Didn’t this same thing happen last year? I think it’s almost a traditional occurrence. It certainly gives the Love One Another command a bad name, eh?

    • Frank Weathers

      Monsignor Pope’s blogpost makes the DMZ between the Koreas seem less stressful.

  • ccym

    I agree Stephen. Gives Christians a bad name.

    He says it was between the Orthodox and Armenian clerics. FOX News reported the same. I’m happy that Catholics weren’t involved!