FYI, The HHS Mandate Petition Skunked the Competition UPDATED

And here’s why: meet the real FoC petition, y’all. Because although the NARAL petition was indeed a Ferrari like the one we knew was behind us, the petition I was driving was good ol’ American Iron of the type that whipped the Ferraris at LeMans four consecutive times. Full of justice, freedom from oppression, and yearning for the good, the true, and the beautiful. Oh, and endowed with a very broad torque band.

Because when the Administration responded to “the little petition that could,” they effectively waved the checkered flag on the race between little ol’ David, and big bad Goliath.

Official race results are as follows,

David (Freedom of Conscience): 29,127

Goliath (NARAL/PP): 22,945

Under promise, and outperform. That’s a lesson the Administration can take to the bank.

Thanks for the race y’all. Have you driven a Ford lately?

UPDATE: Thanks to all the news outlets that reported on the petition drive. I was too busy to notice that CNS News, the Washington Examiner, the Oklahoman, and hundreds of other news outlets and social media sites, supported it. This result wouldn’t have been possible without them, and without you. God bless.

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