Live Blog: Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Fayetville Community Church (LiveStream)

Live Blog: Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Fayetville Community Church (LiveStream) January 26, 2013

Ernie Haase announced on Facebook earlier today that the quartet would be streaming a live concert. I’m watching and live-blogging right now. You can watch with me here. Enjoy!
7:00 Choir is singing a couple songs to warm up.
7:10 Wesley Pritchard just gave away the specials and is now introducing the guys. He’s joked that they’re able to flip to a basketball game that’s going on right now, in case the concert isn’t going well. (They actually showed it on the livestream, so they’re not bluffing!)

1. When the Saints Go Marching In
This is fun! I haven’t heard them pull out this arrangement in… well, come to think of it, I’ve never seen them stage this one! All live-band. Wayne Haun provided some great piano improv.
2. Glory to God in the Highest
Nice. They ended “When the Saints” in the same key as this one begins. By the way, Ernie is wearing “that” jacket. The silver one with… leaves or something on it. And a pink shirt. No comment. 😉
In-between song banter. Ernie just joked that he made a New Year’s Resolution he could keep—eat more and exercise less!
3.I’m Gonna Live Forever

They put a cute twist on this by whistling over the piano intro.
Wesley just told Ernie that they have lots of people logging in from Argentina. Ernie says that somebody from Argentina had messaged him right before the concert asking them to sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” on the third song. When Ernie asked why the third song, the guy said, “Because I’m old, and it’s two hours later here in Argentina, so I might fall asleep after your third song.” So, for the fourth song, in hopes that our Argentinian friend is sometimes awake…
4. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

5. Reason Enough

Now Ernie is introducing Paul Harkey. “Scars In the Hands?” Yes, I think so.
6. Scars In the Hands
7. I Pledge Allegiance
Been a little while since they pulled this one out. I like this one pretty well. Standing ovation, very inspiring. Now they’re singing “God Bless America,” except Ernie wanted to change the word “bless” to “heal,” to make it more like a prayer. An interesting thought, but I think it doesn’t sing quite as well. Also, I’m not sure that the “divisiveness” Ernie referred to in the setup is something we need to be “healed” from, if “divisiveness” is another word for the incompatibility of good and evil. If so, then bring on the division.
Ernie just recognized the servicemen in the audience, a nice touch.
8. Moving Up to Gloryland
Our feed fell a little behind earlier, and fast-forwarded a little here. Now we’re back on track.
9. Everytime
I had my own private 60s prom in my bedroom! Paul Harkey did his own little dance in the middle of the stage at the end. 😀 I miss Kelly Vaughn’s guitar solo though. I noticed on twitter a while back that he was leaving the band, not sure why.
Ernie just recycled the “guy with the cellphone in a bathroom stall” joke from George Younce. Nice.
10. Sometimes I Wonder
They’ve slowed this down a bit from the studio. I like it. Zak Shumate is doing a little hand percussion. Oh, nice, they’re tacking on a tag of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.”
11. Then Came the Morning
12. Only Here For a Little While
Back now at 8:35, and Doug is out singing solo. Pre-recorded BGVs. (So far anyway.)
13. Our Debts Will Be Paid
Now this is kind of an oldie! Devin just held the long note. Paul Harkey doing great on bass. This is fun.
This provided a nice segue into…
14. Life Will Be Sweeter
Ernie just said they’ve had a lot of requests for this song, and he’s going to do it even though it wasn’t on the program, leaving the consequences to the Lord… and Wesley. And the song is…
15. Can’t Help Falling in Love
Ernie mopped his brow with his hankie and threw it at somebody! Too funny.
16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Ernie announced that they were going to do a Christmas carol Wayne had arranged for five parts called “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” Wayne gently “set him straight.” Zak is adding some well-placed drum beats for emphasis.
Now they are rocking the house with…
17. Any Other Man
This is the first time I’ve seen a high quality video performance of this song. I really enjoyed watching them in action up close, getting into this one.
18. You Are Welcome Here
Sorry for the delay in posting the rest. I took a break. My take on the rest of the concert as recorded by my RealDownloader will hopefully follow soon… if I can get my RealDownloader to work…
Update: Got it to work. Herewith, the rest of the concert… turns out it was just one more song.
19. Oh What a Savior

This was put into a medley with “Nothing But the Blood.” The audience sang along, but Doug and Devin also did some step-outs on the hymn. I enjoyed Wayne’s extra piano licks!
Here Ernie mentioned Tracy Stuffle and asked that the audience would keep him and his family in prayer. After closing in prayer, they left with another encore of “Glory to God in the Highest.”

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  • Hey, I was so bummed that I couldn’t be online for this. Just a few comments:
    -I wonder if When the Saints might be on their new project?
    -Found a YouTube clip of Glory to God from that night. Is it me or did Paul seem a half step slow on his parts of the verse? It was still good, but just seemed off.
    -They still have done Pledge My Allegiance, just maybe not in concerts you’ve been at. I know they do it every year off-camera before they sing the anthem for NASCAR.
    -Kelly got married, and now lives in Oregon.
    -I would’ve liked to hear Our Debts. Bummer!
    Thanks for the live blog!

  • Yeah, I know they still do “Pledge My Allegiance,” I just thought it had been a few months since I saw a performance.
    Let me see what I can do about “Our Debts.”

  • Just saw someone posted Our Debts on YouTube. Awesome!

  • Where’d you see that?

  • Oh, I can do better than that. Give me another day or so. 😉

  • Um, on second thought… maybe I can’t do better than that, ‘cuz I forgot to hit “download” when they were singing that one. Sorry about that!

  • On third thought, never mind, I do have it. 😀