CNN Broadcasts Entire Segment to Report on Trump’s Pants Size

CNN Broadcasts Entire Segment to Report on Trump’s Pants Size April 6, 2018

If an alien landed in America and turned on the television to try to make sense of this nation, he’d believe there was something very very important about the size and shape of President Donald Trump’s pants.  Recently, CNN spent a full two minutes examining the Commander-in-Chief’s pants.  Yes, really.

Here’s how the hard-hitting segment went down, according to Independent Journal Review:

At the end of CNN’s “OutFront” on Thursday, host Erin Burnett introduced a report by asking “What’s going on with President Trump’s pants?”

CNN reporter Jeanne Moos then spent the entirety of her segment looking into what she said was the “pressing” question of why Trump’s pant legs were so wide.

Moos cited Vanity Fair describing Trump’s pants size as “the circumference of a healthy toddler’s head” before asking, “Is something happening?”

“Is the president gaining weight, or losing height, or just in need of a tailor?” she asked.

As if this couldn’t have gotten more pointless, Moos actually — no joke — compared Trump’s pants to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s. Independent Journal Review reports:

“There’s one guy with a leg up on President Trump,” she said as the camera zoomed in on a photo of Kim with enormous pant legs. “Forget nuclear button size. Look at these babies,” she said.

She added, “Forget the arms race, we’re talking a legs race.”

I’ll pause here to let you catch your breath…  that was just a stunning level of reporting.  Oh, and here’s one more zinger.  You might want to sit down for this:

“At least when the PolitiFact ‘pants on fire’ meter lights up over the president’s latest untruth,” she said. “He’ll have more pants to burn.”

You’d think in an era where the media is being accused of #FakeNews, they’d try a little harder to at least pretend to be relevant.

Watch the segment below:

Image Credit: By Spc. Dustin Biven [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Hat Tip: Independent Journal Review

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