Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein

Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein July 15, 2016
Sequoyah Nuclear Power via Wikipedia

2) Jill Stein’s platform does explicitly support pseudoscience

Okay, so you might not think her non-answers are a big deal. I disagree, but there is at least some room for discussion on that point. There isn’t much room to discuss her explicit anti-science positions. Jill Stein wants to ban GMOs. The scientific consensus has shown that GMOs are safe and they help feed millions of people. Stein is promoting harmful pseudoscience by campaigning against them.

She’s also against nuclear power. But why? The Green Party say they care about the environment, but  nuclear power has been proven to be a safe and environmental friendly option for power. Her strong positions against it are simply not based on any good science.

Finally, the Green Party wants to support funding for homeopathy. Okay, so Jill Stein won’t explicitly say she is pro-homeopathy. But her party sure is! Just read the US Green Party’s stance on alternative medicine. Ouch.

Chronic conditions are often best cured by alternative medicine. We support the teaching, funding and practice of holistic health approaches and, as appropriate, the use of complementary and alternative therapies such as herbal medicines, homeopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and other healing approaches.

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