Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein

Five reasons why this Bernie Sanders supporter cannot vote for Jill Stein July 15, 2016

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4) Jill Stein does not have the political experience to be president

I do think that people other than lawyers and those in business should get involved in politics. However, once they get involved, they should have some experience at a high level of politics before running for the highest office. Jill Stein’s experience holding political office consists of being the ‘Lexington Town Meeting Representative’ in 2005 and 2008. (This small county would have been 100% white if not for an Asian student who moved there). Outside of briefly holding office at the suburban town level, Stein has also spent time as a lobbyist. Being a lobbyist does keep you involved with politics, but it doesn’t have much to do with actually representing constituents.

Beyond Stein’s lack of experience, I also find it troubling that The Green party is still trying to get on the ballot in each state when the election is a few months away (the Libertarians didn’t seem to have any trouble doing this a long time ago). Perhaps if the Green Party spent more time building itself up at local levels instead of trying attention at the presidential level, they would have more success?

Jill Stein is an effective activist for many issues I agree with, but she simply is not qualified to be president. I may be less worried about her lack of formal political experience if she could defend her political positions with more nuance. But watch her try to explain her positions with any detail and you’ll see evidence that she really doesn’t have the background. Stein has spent much of her time bashing both Democrats and Republicans without ever working with them. So even if she somehow became president, I doubt she would ever be able to get anything done. How can someone with virtually zero political experience or political relationships be an effective president?

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