Synchronised blogging

Synchronised blogging December 1, 2004
In a startling new development in my longstanding tag-blogging relationship with Jollyblogger, he and I have posted on the same subject within a minute of each other!!! Admittadly the posts were both part of a series, but it is somewhat amusing to me that without planning it we were quite this synchronised.

L – Limited atonement (Five Points of Calvinism, Part 3) Dr Adrian Warnock’s UK Blog Nov 30 19:34

Before we can ask what is “limited atonment” in todays’ climate of doubt regarding our theories of the atonement, including accusing people like me of propounding a theory of cosmic child abuse we need to start by defining the very idea of the atonement
Well, it’s time for another post in my series on the TULIP, aka the five points of Calvinism. Today we are looking at the middle petal of the TULIP – the “L” for “limited atonement.” This has been one of…

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