UK Abortion religious row intensifies

UK Abortion religious row intensifies March 16, 2005

There is a lot in the UK press today about the row that has suddenly engulfed our politicians. American readers need to understand that this is almost unprecedented. Religion and politics are bizarrely more separate in our nation than yours despite the fact that we have bishops sitting in our house of lords.

Anyway, today the Independent says the last thing the election should be about is abortion and the BBC seems to imply agreement. Readers of the Telegraph and the Mail are suprising in their opposition to abortion. the Mail even welcomes the debate, and in a headline I saw in paper form but cant find online I am fairly sure it was the Mail who reported that other faith leaders (Muslims and Jews I believe) were joining the fray (still no evangelical or C of E statment though!). Even more amazingly the Sun is covering it as “the Great Abortion Debate” and even has pictures of developmental stages of babies in the womb. Meanwhile the Guardian and the Times seem to be trying to put the genie back in the bottle.

There seems a strange conspiracy afoot here not to mention the statements of Jewish and Muslim leaders online- if anyone can find them I would be most interested.

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