Gender and translation: getting out of my depth……

Gender and translation: getting out of my depth…… July 5, 2005

Help! I seem to have opened a can of worms with my post on gender and translation. Dave Warnock is keen to point out his own position and links to a pdf which is very critical of Wayne Grudem’s views on this subject. I presume that the article David quotes was written in response to a book-length treatment of gender and bible translations posted at the CBMW website. This book seems to address in great detail many of these issues, and was written by Wayne Grudem and Vern Poythress- two names that have become very familiar to regular readers of this blog as ESV translators.

Sadly I really do not have the time to engage with this issue properly right now, at the end of the day the issue ultimately becomes one of trust. I trust Wayne not just for his work on the ESV but also for his fantastic Systematic Theology Having heard him preach on the subject I also do not believe he is a mysogynist. That doesnt necessarily make him right on everything of course, and I have not previously heard of the critic that David cites.

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