Hear Behe, an advocate of Intelligent Design in the UK

Hear Behe, an advocate of Intelligent Design in the UK November 15, 2010

This month you can attend a number of meetings that Behe will be speaking at.  I may well be at next Monday Evenings one in Westminster chapel. There are a number of other events you can read about on their site: Darwin or design?

Michael Behe, a biochemistry professor, is a key figure in the emergence of the modern Intelligent Design (ID) movement. He is one of an increasing number of scientists around the world who consider that there is a very substantial body of biochemical evidence which challenges the basis of Darwinian evolution.

In particular, Behe has become associated with the idea of ‘irreducible complexity’ (IC). An example of IC in our ordinary world is a mechanical mousetrap. A mousetrap has several pieces, all of which are needed for it to work. Take one away and the trap is broken. Behe points out that many of the molecular machines that science has discovered in our cells are also IC, and therefore obstacles to Darwinian evolution. He concludes that Darwinism is a poor explanation for much of life.

These ideas, of course, are considered seriously heretical by many in the scientific community and it is regularly claimed that they are easily refutable. But the truth is that Behe’s arguments do not go away and remain a persistent thorn in the flesh of dogmatic Darwinian theorists.

Michael Behe’s seminal book, ‘Darwin’s Black Box – The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution’ was first published in 1996 and continues to cause a stir in the scientific community. He followed it with the no-less-controversial ‘The Edge of Evolution – The Search for the limits of Darwinism’ in 2007. In both of these books he argues his case clearly and he has, subsequently, presented a comprehensive response to all his major critics.

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