New Evolution vs God video: Ray Comfort dialogues with Scientists

New Evolution vs God video: Ray Comfort dialogues with Scientists September 12, 2013

Christians do have a variety of opinions about Evolution. But there is no doubt that for many younger non-believers faith in Evolution without any trace of a creator is a primary objection to the gospel. In this video, Ray Comfort dialogues with Science majors and their professors. Their reaction to the preaching of the gospel towards the end of this video is priceless. The whole video is very impacting, no matter what you believe about God, the gospel or evolution. I encourage you to watch it through, and feel free to discuss it below.

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  • Dorfl

    You might want to look up what the people in that movie have to say about what they actually said, compared to what they appeared to say after Ray Comfort’s creative editing.

  • John

    I enjoyed the video before I saw your link to it here though I had suspicions about the editing. I think it’s a shame if the editing presents a less than truthful slant on the interviews. I also think his line of questioning on the commandments is priceless and demonstrates that what the Bible says is quite true; we are all deluded that we are morally upright people who don’t need God. The truth is that we fall way short of God’s standards, (even our standards), and need a saviour. Ray highlights that well.

  • Hayden

    observable evidence for evolution, why do you think you need a new flu shot every year, evolution works by mutation, a single member of a given species is born with some form of genetic mutation, usually it is only slight, this may be a slight change in pigmentation of the skin the shape of the individuals ears and other similar characteristics as-well as other possible mutations to do with the internal working of the body, the mutation will usually cause the animal to be disadvantaged compared to the rest of the group however every now and then the mutation is positive and gives the individual an advantage over the rest of the group, when this happens the individual is more likely to survive until sexual maturity where it will have the chance to pass on this genetic trait. this slight mutation is very subtle and this is why it takes hundreds of thousands of years to observe evolution under normal circumstances… but now i will return to my earlier example of the flu. with our flu shots any of the virus that has not mutated will destroyed due to the flu shot, however due to the large number of ‘new’ parts of the flu virus the number of mutated individuals is much higher and due to the elimination of un-mutated members of the species it is much more observable… these people who he is interviewing are intelligent individuals with a wealth of knowledge on the subject and with a great depth of understanding regarding these examples i find it very difficult to believe that none of them gave an example such as the flu (there are many other examples such as this to support evolution). I therefore call Ray Comfort to light for his shameful misrepresentation of the facts and what people have said, Ray Comfort has not released the raw footage obtained from the Evolution vs God video, this is why there are no links to what the people actually said,i have spent a lot of time looking for such a release but as yet i have not found any of the original footage. thankyou for reading this long comment and i hope i have enlightened you an this sadly misunderstood topic