How a reformed charismatic views preaching

How a reformed charismatic views preaching November 12, 2010

Terry Virgo was asked in the following video “How can a preacher improve?” I will share a few highlights from this video then embed the video itself. If you haven’t been following this excellent series, I commend them to you.

“One of the best ways to learn preaching is to listening to a good preacher”

“In my praying before I preach, I am asking God “lord please let people feel that their Father in heaven is speaking to them”

“You have got to be true to the Bible…you want to be clear…you need to have some shape, some drama, calling for a decision, for a response. . . I write on my notes “apply” I think i am not very good at application, I can love setting out truth, but I am often challenged and inspired by preachers who are aggressive with their application. . . it has got to come from exposition first, it’s not all exhortation.”

“What you are looking for is response that is rooted in truth”

“preaching is an event, and at the moment of impact is when something can happen.”

“The way that peapope get changed through preaching is engagement, God has spoken, it can change my life”

“It is by no means merely explaining verses. We are looking for the help of the Spirit.”

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