People of faith reaching out to serve the community

People of faith reaching out to serve the community November 16, 2013

The final session had the following panel

We need to work to bring faith back to the public square. We can reach out locally and around the world as faith groups to partner with communities to make a difference. Allowing for a clash of cultures can lead to innovation. It is important for us to get out of our churches and serve the world. It is important for us to counter the misconceptions people have.

We must serve others not in a patronizing colonial way but through partnership. Helping with needs of society helps to build relationships. Relationships break down distrust. We shouldn’t try to force people to convert. Nor fight. But when you have a good relationship you can then explore difficulties.

So many Americans think that all Muslims are scary. A violent minority is allowed to influence the image of all Muslims. But the majority of Muslims are friendly, gentle people. If we have mutual understanding then we can work together and befriends.

Getting ordinary members of the church mobilized to help all over the world in their own areas of expertise, people are excited to make a difference. It can also build bridges in people’s view of their neighbors.

The church is not a building, not an institution, people are the church. If you have a relationship with God, you need to have a relationship with people too.

The point is that we must work together to do do good, for the sake of humanity, and to do things that will benefit society as a whole around the world.



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