A big thank you to all my top 25 referrers

A big thank you to all my top 25 referrers December 29, 2013

There are many search engines and individual websites that help people to find this blog.   At this time of year I like to thank those who have sent the most traffic with a link-out.  This year I thought I would start with the big ones who I have usually ignored.  There is no doubt that Google continues to dominate this list. A lot of traffic comes from people who have a bookmark to the site, so add this and other sites you like to read to your favorites right now.

The one with the most growth is Twitter which has lept ahead of Facebook who thanks to recent changes in their algorithms is plummeting and at this rate will not even make the top ten list next year.  Do not rely on Facebook to keep you up to date with this or any other blog, you will miss posts.  It is time to ditch Facebook for that purpose and instead join Twitter for that purpose or use Feedburner rss or email subscriptions.

Bing and Yahoo make up the rear of this top 7 list, but still struggle to offer any real alternative to the virtual monopoly that is Google.

  1. Google 54.33%
  2. No referrer 14.90%
  3. Twitter 9.25%
  4. Facebook 4.61%
  5. Feedburner 4.16% (reader and email subscriptions combined)
  6. Bing 1.36%
  7. Yahoo 1.09%

TOTAL : 89.70%

There are a lot of individual sites that refer people to this site, and I am very grateful to them. Of course by putting a link in to a post here or elsewhere that you like you also help with Google’s ranking of the internet.  Think of it as a vote in favor of a particular page.  If you want to give something back to the Internet why not start a blog, even if it is just to link to pages that you like from elsewhere.  If you are a pastor, then writing a blog to share the research underlying your sermons would be very helpful to the rest of us, and very easy to do, especially if you have Logos Bible Software.

So a big thank you to the following who have used their Internet voice to give a shout-out to me, and to all the others who didn’t make this list but, combined the smaller blogs probably send me more traffic than any individual in the list below.

  1.  Ann’s brand of thankful Christianity is very needed today.
  2. The US Reformed Community haven’t rejected me yet! There are a number of great blogs over there.
  3. Just like me, Tim had his blog’s tenth birthday this year. The guy just keeps going, and unlike me doesn’t even really take breaks.
  4. Frank has become a real friend to me this past year, and I appreciate so much of what he says.
  5. They might have given me a hard time this autumn, but I naively keep on thinking that one day we will be real friends. Perhaps I may have to wait for heaven for that one! But they have sent a fair few people this way this year, so thanks.
  6. A major “watchblogging” site, and as such I don’t tend to frequent it. Thankfully they haven’t really taken issue with me, just mentioned me on a few posts like this one.
  7.  linked to my posts on mental health on a number of occasions.
  8.  kindly links to a number of my posts and have sent me visitors as a result.
  9. seems to have linked to one of my posts back in April
  10. is a great place for careful reformed charismatic thinking.
  11. linked to a couple of posts, in particular my one on the need for Evangelicals to colonize TV
  12.  highlighted one of my posts on Strange Fire.
  13.  Sam is a real bridge between the core Reformed movement and us charismatics and I appreciate him for that.
  14. Desiring God is a massive gift to the whole church. Piper’s whole ministry has so much to teach all of us.
  15. surprisingly listed me as number 13 in their top 200 Ministry blogs (they do exclude quite a lot of Christian blogs from this list)
  16. has linked to me a few times now, thanks!
  17. get the award for being the so-called “old media” organization to send me the most traffic.
  18. are well known to most readers of this blog, and if not should be.
  19. has me on their blogroll and hence make this list.
  20.  All it took was one link for them to make the list.
  21. We may not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but that didn’t stop Rachel from sending me traffic.
  22. Is a resource I must pay more attention to, more of us should get involved with editing it.
  23. sent a fair bit of traffic my way with this link
  24. has had me on Unbelieveable? a few times now, and thanks to the links they add to their guests sites, make the list.
  25. Last year this guy went to the trouble of transcribing my whole discussion with Rob Bell. I think thats why he still sent enough traffic this year to make this list.
Thanks also to everyone else who didn’t make the list but did send people this way.


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