Revelation TV interview: my story and Hope Reborn

Revelation TV interview: my story and Hope Reborn October 9, 2014

I found filming this interview very emotional. Indeed, at one point I was close to tears. I was asked to share my testimony of conversion, and we spoke about the role that my tent preaching grandfather and prophecy had in shaping my life and ministry. When we turned to discuss Hope Reborn, it struck me that this book, probably more than anything else I have done so far, fulfills the prophetic charge my grandfather gave me.

This video should help you understand the goals behind Hope Reborn and why I am so excited about it. If you then want to learn more about my testimony, I recently wrote a multi-part series I called This is My Story. I think you will enjoy watching this interview whether you are new around here or have been reading for ages:

The interviewer was Hugh Jackman and it was aired on European Christian TV station, Revelation TV.

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  • Hi Adrian, I can really relate to your statements on hope. I too have been a Christian for around 40 years but over the last three years have had my life turned inside out with a series of serious health issues. Hope in God is the only thing that kept me going and my marriage together. I have written a book about this time aimed at helping others who hit a brick wall in life and can’t seem to find a way
    forward. I would love to glean from your experience and wisdom about how to get published as the process seems overwhelming.