Adrian interviewed on Moody Radio by Janet Parshall

Adrian interviewed on Moody Radio by Janet Parshall February 19, 2015

Moody_Radio_logoYesterday I was on Moody National Radio being interviewed by Janet Parshall. We spoke about the gospel, and how you can know what a Christian is. We had several callers who rang in with personal questions. It was a moving conversation at times. You can listen to the interview here:

Listen to more programs by Janet Parshall here.

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  • Is adult baptism absolutely necessary for someone who was christened at birth – like myself ? I am a Christian (fairly conservative and orthodox) and I do recognise myself as a sinner (openly and unequivocally) who does need God’s forgiveness and help. However, as a member of the C. of E. who has been attending my local Anglican church for years, I have not only never witnessed a baptism, but I have never heard any mention of it. Although I am reluctant to question our vicar, it is a subject that concerns me. I don’t really care about falling short of modern Anglicanism – but I do care very deeply about falling short of what God expects from me as a Christian.

    • My thoughts on Baptism can be found at the link below: What is Baptism? Prayerfully study the matter and come to your own conclusion, because Christians have different perspectives on this point.

      • Thankyou for your feedback and the link you provided. I found them helpful. I am personally coming to a crossroads in my life as a Christian. In my earlier communication I described myself as being conservative and orthodox. The Church of England is increasingly moving in liberal directions in ways that disturb me. I can foresee myself eventually moving on. I just cannot bring myself to compromise any further. To provide just one example, as a bell ringer I have only today received an email inviting me to take part in a quarter-peal at Chester cathedral, on Saturday, 28th February, to celebrate the consecration of the Church of England’s first female bishop. I will not bore you with my beliefs, but this is simply something that leaves me feeling increasingly marginalised. Back to the issue of baptism. When and if I move on to a new Christian home I will probably choose baptism to signify that change of direction for me.

  • Stacy Lynn Harp

    Great interview, Adrian. 🙂 I’m joining the Patheos team soon!