A Spiritual and Scientific journey – Dr Brian Koffman

A Spiritual and Scientific journey – Dr Brian Koffman May 21, 2020

Blood Cancer Uncensored

Dr Brian Koffman is a modern day pioneer, married to Patty who is the co-founder with him of perhaps one of the most remarkable patient groups around CLL Society Inc.. It is an absolute privilege to have both of them frequenting our little corner of the web, and even more so that he agreed to be interviewed (often Brian is the one doing the interviewing). The conversation was deep and rich and you can see it right here on this page.

Diagnosed with CLL 14 years ago in the dark ages for the field, and identified with the worst collection of genetic markers, his future looked very bleak.

But there was someting about Brian that refused to give up and clung onto hope even though 14 years ago the doctors had far fewer treatments. Hope often triumphs.

Part of the story is surely the combination of his own personal spiritual and moral values driving him towards seeking the good of others, knowing that would also lead to good for himself . . . Read more or watch the video here:


More about Dr Brian Koffman

Adrian Warnock is a medical doctor who worked in the UK's NHS as a psychiatrist. He then worked in the pharmaceutical industry helping to run the clinical trials that bring us new medicines, and communicate the results. Adrian has a reputation for delivering complex messages simply in engaging articles, presentations, and interviews on podcasts, radio and TV. Adrian was diagnosed with blood cancer in May 2017. He is the founder of Blood Cancer Uncensored, and has been featured on Patient Power. Adrian blogs at Patheos and is author of Hope Reborn and Raised with Christ. He is a member of Jubilee Church London where he served on the leadership team for more than a decade. He is passionate about learning how to approach suffering with hope and compassion. You can read more about the author here.
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