Jesus, Have Your Way

Jesus, Have Your Way July 26, 2020

Jesus tombstone carving image intended to imply that Jesus image should be carved not on stone but our hearts

Sometimes we get frustrated because God is not answering our prayers the way we want him to. He hasn’t provided exactly what we asked for. Maybe we have not been healed. We are suffering and we cannot understand why he would leave us in this situation.

We want him to do what we want him to do. But he wants us to do what he wants us to do.

Whoose way will prevail? Your way? My way? Or Jesus’ way?  Jesus did not walk the easy path himself but embraced extreme suffering for you and me. What if the only way for him to shape you and I into what he wants us to be is to allow us to experience the pain of unanswered prayer?

What if he is more interested in doing open heart surgery on you and I than in boosting our bank balances?

What if he wants us to really follow him?

Before Jesus called us to follow him he first came to us. He gave everything for us. He took our sin, our sickness and all our suffering and experienced it in its full horror on the cross. He freely chose that fate for our sake.

Jesus asks us to obey, just as he obeyed his Father and said “not my will but yours be done”

What Jesus asks of us is truly liberating. He doesn’t take advantage of us, he He put aside what was best for him, and gave himself for us. If love is making a sacrifice for someone else what greater love could there be?

He knows what is best for us.  His commands are not burdensome. His yoke is easy. Going his way is always the best in the long term, and he saves the best wine for last.

Tenderly Jesus urges us to let him have his way in us.

This song arrested our congregation when it was first played in this arrangement at one of our online services. This can be used as a meditation track to help you calm your mind in this difficult time. It is also an anthem for one of the key themes that has been driving my blog for a while now: Obeying Jesus.

Song Lyrics
Have Your Way – Kingdom Sound

When i’m lost and all alone
There you stand, the son of man
Waiting to draw me close
I’ve been down this road before
I chose my way, but you know my name
and you call me home

The saviour of the world
Has left behind his throne
So i could find my home in him
No greater love was shown
He faced the cross alone
And gave his life for me

While i was still a mess
Lord you saw, what i could be
So you saved me Lord you helped me
You helped me find my way
Through my darkest, hardest days

The saviour of the world
Has left behind his throne
So i could find my home in him
No greater love was shown
He faced the cross alone
And gave his life for me
He rose again the king
Who broke the hold of sin
Jesus paid for my life
So i’ll surrender to your will

God with us I stand
I’m lifting up my hands
I surrender

copyright Kingdom Sound source:

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