Coping with life’s challenges – the role of friends and therapy

Coping with life’s challenges – the role of friends and therapy July 31, 2020

A very difficult childhood. Bereaved of her father at the age of nine. Taken into care. A teenage rebel. Bereaved again of her beloved sister when a young mum. Ten years of severe chronic pain due to a degenerative back condition requring multiple operations. Damaged beyond repair?  Lost her faith? Absolutely not! Watch this interview and prepare to be inspired as you face your own emotional challenges.

Ici Butcher, founder of Uniquely Designed Counselling has walked her journey with grace, honesty, hope, joy, and a focus on others. Having therapy helped her journey as a teenager. Being a member of a bible-focussed grace-filled church has also been crucial for her healing.

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Posted by uniquely_designed.counselling on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ici’s drive to pass on what she has learnt from decades of dealing with life’s hard blows led her to train as a fully qualified counsellor and to establish a local and online video counselling business (for UK residents only). If you need a counsellor I believe she has a few slots open still.

I’ve known Ici for more years than I should admit to. I can’t think of anyone else I know who has been so faithful through so much hardship throughout her personal life since childhood. She is a real inspiration. We talk about how to handle everything life throws at you and how to know if counselling may be helpful for you.

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