Debates and Theological Spectrums

During the early years of Christian blogging there was a lot of interaction between Christians of different backgrounds. We would discuss and sometimes find we had a lot more in common than our disagreements. But sometimes we also found we used words differently. Like the pastor who believed gifts of the Holy Spirit had stopped, and prophecy meant writing Scripture but was quite happy to talk about God giving impressions directly to him.  Or some Muslims who think that Christians worship the Mother of Jesus.  Over time Adrian developed a reputation for trying to bridge gaps of understanding. He created “Theological Spectrum” posts which outlined the broad range of views Christians have on some subjects and showed how they often overlapped.  And he engaged in head to head discussions and debates some of which were broadcast on Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable? Show.  Here are some of the highlights of this effort over the years. See also posts on Leadership, Preaching, and Doctrine.


The Cross of Jesus

In many ways it all began with this discussion. One direct result of all this focus on discussing the cross was Adrian realising there wasn’t as much conversation about the resurrection. This lead to him publishing his first book Raised With Christ, How the Resurrection Changes Everything


The Resurrection of Jesus

Debating the resurrection with a liberal pastor

Did Jesus rise from the dead?


Muslim and Christian views of Jesus Christ

Eleven Things Muslims agree with Christians about concerning Jesus

Six Things Christians and Muslims disagree about over Jesus


Discussion with Doug Wilson on Prophecy and other Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In this so-called debate at one point we both conceded defeat over a difference over definitions!

Heaven and Hell vs Rob Bell

Debates and Theological Spectrums

A spectrum of belief on hell and salvation – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?


Gender roles discussion

Rachel Held Evans is with Jesus

Divorce and Remarriage

In a series of posts summarised below Adrian shared on the spectrum  of views held by Christians and urged us to reduce the stigma felt by Christians whose marriages fail:

Christian views on Divorce and Remarriage: A Spectrum

How to Reduce Divorce Stigma in Church

Arminocalvinist Spectrum – why it is not as simple as Arminians vs Calvinists

Arminians vs Calvinists a spectrum

Evolution vs Creation

Evolutionary Spectrum