The Crow’s Nest: A Grounding Spell for the Holidays

The Crow’s Nest: A Grounding Spell for the Holidays November 27, 2017

The Holidays are the most stressful time of year for many. Shopping, food, social and family obligations swell to the bursting point this time of year. Western Culture, already obsessed with “Busy-ness”, demands we do more, be more and buy more than ever. Social and Family gatherings can be a trying time for many of us. While the reasons may vary, it all boils down to the same thing: stress and more stress.


How this Spell came about

I was recently asked to demonstrate sympathetic magic techniques. I wanted to provide a sound technique that would allow even a novice to practice concentration, visualization, grounding, energy work and spell casting.

Spellcasting is a practical technique that allows us to focus our will and intent towards a certain desired outcome. Spell components are selective for vibrational compatibility in order to “strengthen” the spell.

The following spell popped into my head this morning. It can be used as a learning tool, but it is also a method of coping with stress.

A Candle Spell for Grounding

Here is the step by step explanation of the spell:

Gather the following supplies:

One candle

The candle can be of any type you prefer, a pillar candle, a votive, a tea light, etc. A larger candle can be burned over days for ongoing work while a smaller one can be used when a quick spell is necessary. Choose a color you associate with Earth and trees for this spell. I used dark green. A brown candle would also work.  Place it in an appropriate holder. The candle represents a visual focal point in which to concentrate the energy of the spell.

The reason why candle color is mentioned is that spell construction involves gathering components that align with the vibrational intention of your spell. Along with the energy put into the spell, the matching components aid in the overall success of the working.  Individual colors on the spectrum possess vibrations. Tables of Correspondences generally list components such as color and their magical (vibrational) properties. I chose a green candle for this spell because it has grounding, earthy vibrations.

Anointing Oil

The candle will need to be anointed with an oil of some sort. As a Priestess of The Morrigan I chose to work with one of Her aspects, Anu, whom I associate with the Earth and thus grounding. I formulated an oil to use with Anu in mind using nine drops of apple, three drops of cinnamon and six drops of earth oil in a grapeseed oil base. You can chose an oil that suits your own needs. Pre-made spell oils can be purchased or plain olive oil can be used.

The method I used to select the essential oils involved listening to my own instincts, being familiar with my Deity, and years of practical experience. Again, a table of correspondences can be consulted to select essential oils to match your intention.

Anoint the candle with the oil. I generally follow the premise of anointing in a certain direction according to my intent. For example, I anoint from the base to the wick of the candle while focusing what I want to dispel or I anoint from the wick to the base while focusing on what I want to attract. The method is not as important as the intent. While anointing the candle, focus on the spell work, visualize the desired result.  Concentrate on your need to feel calmer and grounded for this spell, visualize the candle as a tree.

Stones or crystals appropriate for grounding should be chosen for this spell. I have obsidian arrowheads I work with. Hematite, Jet or jasper could be used as well. Pick what you feel works best for you. I generally work with what I have on hand. In a pinch, pick up some rocks off the ground.

The number of stones is a personal choice. I use six stone arrowheads because six is a number I associate with magic. Choose a number that holds significance for you.

An offering of your choice. I recommend environmentally friendly offerings. I use herbs, food, liquids and even bird seed as offerings. Small crystals are a good choice as well. The point is to show appreciation to the deity or spirit you are calling upon in the spell.  My offering consisted of dried apples.

Casting the Spell

Now that you have gathered the supplies go to your altar or another place you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. Casting a circle is optional. Work according to your own tradition, needs and the time you have.

Anoint the candle and place the stones around its base, set one stone aside to hold in your hand. Light the candle and hold the stone. This is a good time to ask for aid from a deity or spirit if you choose to. Visualize the candle as a tree. Take three deep slow breaths, relax and focus. Visualize any negative energy that may have accumulated around or inside you flowing into the stone in your hand. Once you have the negative energy concentrated into the stone in your hand visualize it flowing into the stones surrounding the candle. ‘See” the energy moving from the stone in your hand into the stones around the candle.

Next visualize the energy being absorbed into the tree (candle), its roots are sunk deep in the ground. All the negative energy you released is flowing back into the Earth. Energy never ceases to exist.  It only transforms.

Take a brief moment to sense the change in yourself. You should feel more relaxed and clear headed after this spell.

Your offering should be given at this point in the working.

Allow the candle to burn down completely in a safe place or it can be snuffed and relit for the same purpose at another time. If you cast a circle, take the circle down.

This spell can be practiced every day. It can also be adapted to suit other needs you may have. Additional components can be added such as incense. The possibilities are limited only by your own creativity.

Blessings to You and Yours during this Holiday Season!

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