Tree City Witch: Between The Eclipses & The Shaman In You

Tree City Witch: Between The Eclipses & The Shaman In You February 6, 2018

This morning I had a vision of Snow Leopard. This doesn’t happen every day. I journey for myself and sometimes for clients, but I do not call myself shaman. You don’t need to call yourself anything for the animals to visit you. They are always here for us.

I had never met Snow Leopard before so I had to go a-Googling and these keywords were easy to find: silence, solitary, stalking, intuition. Stalking a dream or a goal, for example, not the lover who spurned you (although I suppose Snow Leopard could help you with that as well). Silence as in being alone and going within. Intuition as in: working with it, trusting it, being it, which is 1000 blog posts in and of itself. Basically Snow Leopard describes me (and maybe you too?) although I believe he (yes, he) arrived as a guide, not simply as a mirror.

“Snow Leopard.” Photo from MaxPixel. CC0.


Here’s a thought. We are in that revelatory time period known as “between the eclipses.” We had a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st. We have our next eclipse in the sign of Aquarius on February 15th. Eclipses come in pairs usually. We pair. We breed. The baby comes. The baby is our life, what next in our life. New cycle.

We are between the eclipses and the astrological aspects and energies that are available to us now are potent medicine and signs pointing the way. Snow Leopard, too, must know this.


Sextiles are good. I’m going to leave it at that in terms of your technical astrology lesson for the day. Just know that during these weeks, between the two eclipses, Venus and the Sun and Mercury, all in intellectual technical Aquarius, will sextile Uranus in Aries.

What is the practical advice here? You have ideas. Loads of them. Too many? Inventions, innovations, thoughts, brilliant ones, and they are working near perfectly with Uranus (liberation) in Aries (the getaway car speeding away from the house on fire and towards the promised land). Many ideas to choose from. Maybe all of them will fly. You’ll see.

Above all, this is a break from the past. Your past.

Image courtesy of NASA, public domain.


Squares tend to be more tense than sextiles, far as astrological aspects go. We are happy to see sextiles when we look at the list of our upcoming personal transits and wince upon seeing that nasty Saturn or Uranus square heading our way. Ouch!

Jupiter squares, however, have no such deadly reputation. Jupiter squares can be too much including too much of a good thing, but have you ever heard anyone complain that they had too much money or love or luck? I remember when Jupiter in Libra squared my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in my Eleventh House (which is a very social house) and I had too much to do. It was all good stuff going on, but I felt wired and tired. I probably missed a spot or two. Jupiter makes things big and sometimes you just need to rest, shrink, contract.

Remember those brilliant ideas I mentioned in Showstopper No. 1? Well, Venus and Sun and Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio will add fuel to your brilliant fire. Mind on intensity overdrive. If you’ve had writers’ block, this is good. If you’ve felt stuck in your thinking, this is good! If you’ve wondered WHAT DO I DO NOW, this is good. Your mind is a blooming fire engine red rose.

These fast moving planets in Aquarius aspecting Uranus and Jupiter could bring that breakthrough idea, the one you’ve been waiting for. Practical advice: write it all down because the ideas may vanish as soon as they come. You want to keep a record. Pen and paper on hand at all times!


Between these eclipses, Venus will change signs. Significant? Yup! Venus’ move from your Aquarius House to your Pisces House is a beacon. Venus rules love and money and your social life, among other things.

Venus entering your First House could be a new job this year, a new income stream. Venus into your Seventh House, a new partner, romantic or business. Venus into your Sixth House and you may prioritize food and exercise, all the daily life routines. You declutter with dancing joy. Venus moves into your Twelfth, and you’ve got Snow Leopard, Kwan Yin, Archangel Raphael, Santa Muerte, and various other power animals, angels, saints, and Ascended Masters at your table. Set a place for them!

Pisces has no boundaries. Venus in Pisces loves without reason. Remember that. Make good choices. Just because you want it or it feels good doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

YES this time between the eclipses is that powerful. Pay attention to where these planets are hanging out in your chart!

“Venus and Earth” from NASA, via WikiMedia.


This isn’t a case of “why not” Snow Leopard. ANY animal, any totem animal could have shown up for me. I could have received a vision of bee or buffalo but no – Snow Leopard appeared in my head and before my eyes with his message of solitude and psychic power and it’s exactly what we need. We can’t figure this out if we are bombarded by Internet memes and memos and phone calls and passionate information screaming for our attention. We need a moment alone, a moment of silence, and Snow Leopard has come to remind us.

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