Magick IRL: Who Needs A Window When You’ve Got Rexipyle?

Magick IRL: Who Needs A Window When You’ve Got Rexipyle? September 23, 2019

Life in Real Time

Sometimes, I feel like life would be better if it were like a movie. You know what I mean, when something bad is about to happen you’d hear that “que que que ah ah ah”. Or in those really sad moments, you’d get this great orchestra playing off screen, you know, to really set the mood. This, in my opinion, would make for a much easier adjustment for the crap that happens on a daily basis.

But alas, life is not like the movies. Unfortunately, endings are almost never all the way happy or all the way sad. Instead we are left to wonder if we are living a comedy or a drama. In the end it’s safe to say the answer is likely both.

It isn’t uncommon for obstacles to come up on the paths we walk. Photo by Ulrike Leone via Pixabay.

When You’re Down and Troubled

It isn’t uncommon for any of us to have obstacles come up on the paths we walk. Whether it’s a flat tire on the way to work, or a bill that seems too high to pay, we all have those moments. Setbacks, to me, seem like little tests on our faith. It is in these moments I remember the epithet for Hekate, Rexipyle.

The meaning for Rexipyle is “she who throws down the gate”. When I think of this, I see very clearly that the usage is easily adapted for overcoming obstacles. If you think about it, a gate blocks a path just like a barrier. And therefore, calling upon Hekate Rexipyle to help you through could be your key to escape.

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

I constantly thank Hekate Rexipyle. I thank her for helping me through the myriad of complications and troubles that come up in my day. I think that it is important to note that I know she is present when I am struggling.

The struggle can be hard enough to deal with; add in feelings of isolation and abandonment, and it could be enough to break you. These are the moments that deities come in handy. As humans we need to feel as though we aren’t alone. Sometimes just feeling as though an entity, any entity, is nearby can help a lot.

I feel invincible with Hekate Rexipyle by my side. Photo by MabelAmber via Pixabay.

For me, I feel invincible with Hekate Rexipyle by my side. But this feeling takes faith. Remember earlier when I said that obstacles seem like little tests of faith? Well, these are the moments I am most sure that Hekate is near. Because in those moments, more than any others, I feel her presence where I used to feel empty, before I found her.

My Personal Connection

 I lost my job recently. This is not normally a thing that gets to me. Typically, I see it coming when these things happen. But this time around it was a lay-off. I was affected more than I want to admit. I handled the situation with some magick which you can read about here. Throughout dealing with my drama I turned to Hekate.

A lot of people may turn to magick in desperation. For me this isn’t an option, most of the time. I believe that deities help those who help themselves, so asking for some sort of quick fix was not my best avenue. Instead, I decided to give thanks. I thanked Hekate for the path I am on. I thanked her for being the light that guides me. And I thanked Hekate Rexipyle for standing with me as I overcome this stumbling block, for being therein my time of need.

Rules Are Subject to Change

 A lot of Christians in the world like to say, “When god closes a door, he opens a window.” I feel like when dealing with Hekate Rexipyle this couldn’t be further from the truth. The way I see it Hekate Rexipyle breaks down the door; she throws down the gate.

Do you remember the Kool-Aid Man? In my head Rexipyle is like this. I yell, “Hey Hekate”, and she just burst through my obstacles saying, “Oh yeah.” This is nothing like looking for a damn window because some door closed.

Hekate Rexipyle breaks down the door. Photo by Frank Winkler via Pixabay.

Rexipyle in Daily Practice

Of all the epithets for Hekate, few end up in my daily rotation of gratitude. Don’t get me wrong: I like to make sure I find a reason to be thankful for all the things in my life. But Rexipyle and a few others have reason for gratitude every day.

Because life isn’t easy, when I take the time to acknowledge that I can overcome all obstacles placed in my way, I receive strength. Who wouldn’t give daily thanks for something like this? My faith is made strong when I speak the truth of my faith as well. I’m not petitioning Rexipyle in these moments of gratitude. Instead I’m just saying, “Hey, I know you have my back, thanks.”

There are moments when I do petition Rexipyle though. In these moments I am typically calling something into my life. Let’s face it: when we want something and we use magick to help bring it into our lives, it’s probably a hard-won task. This is a perfect time to reach out to Hekate Rexipyle and ask for help to defeat any roadblocks that may show up.

When I am petitioning for help on a roadblock, I know that it really comes down to me, and my wherewithal. But, again, it helps knowing that this ancient and wise deity is there to help guide me through. It helps to know that I have the strength behind my convictions to throw down the gate, to burst through the door.

Give It a Shot

 Next time you’re using magickal intervention to gain something seemingly unattainable, take a moment to ask for a hand. Invoke the name of Hekate Rexipyle. Ask for help to overcome boundaries that may stand in your way. Give thanks for being able to cruise right through the roadblock. And maybe you’ll receive that little boost that sends you through to the other side of your obstacle.

About Vincent Higginbotham
When Vincent was eight he knew he wanted to be a writer when he grew up. After a decade living on the streets he went to college at The Art Institute of Philadelphia where he received a BS in Industrial Design. He isn’t using his degree at all. Instead Vincent works in construction as a logistics manager. He has two sons and a handsome husband he loves dearly. Vincent works with Hekate and Hermes in all things magick. He intends to work his way into a full-time writing career. You can read more about the author here.
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