Cleansing Haunted Objects

Cleansing Haunted Objects March 27, 2017

prayerWho knew that buying a vintage chip can would bring home a ghost? Yet that’s exactly what happened several weeks back.

Vintage shopping has always been a thing, but the last couple years it’s taken on new life. Whether country road antique markets, weekend pop up boutiques, or an online flea market, the business of used items seems be a hot commodity and not slowing down anytime soon. For those in tune to energy, though, it can spell a number of disasters, and that isn’t always the price tag.

Objects hold energy, and near and dear objects can hold the energy of the last owner(s), or the energy of the environment/circumstance. A few months back a client came home with a beautiful vintage ruby ring from a boutique and for the next two weeks couldn’t get out of bed. She had symptoms that her physician couldn’t figure out and depression that wasn’t her typical personality. When she posted her frustration on Facebook I asked her if she had recently made a vintage purchase (her and I belonged to several vintage buy groups) and sure enough she realized that she brought the ring home just a few days before becoming ill. After some detective work she found out the last owner had passed away from stomach cancer soon after her husband passed away from a heart attack. Had she taken on the energy of the owner? She was assured that was in fact what happened. After she cleansed the ring, and then her house, and low and behold her symptoms and her depression dissipated. Coincidence? Some may say it was, but she’s not sure.

A friend of mine purchased a used living room set from a friend of a friend. They were getting a divorce and doing an overhaul of their stuff. Her and her husband began arguing almost immediately, and the arguments continued until she decided to smudge her house, paying careful attention to the furniture.

Negative attachments are real. Energies that are in sync help to make life tick by pleasantly, while energies out of whack can make things feel less than stellar. So whether it is furniture, jewelry, clothing, a vase, or whatever else you may find that catches your eye, there are ways to cleanse it so that you lessen your chances of negative energy.

  • SMUDGING: Hold the burning sage or cedar stick and and with its smoke ask that all negative energy be removed.   MORE info on smudging here. 
  • MOONLIGHT: Preferably during the FULL MOON, place your object under the moon and ask that the moonlight cleanse the energy.
  •  SUNLIGHT: Same as moonlight.
  •  SEA SALT: Place sea salt around your object and ask that all of the negative energy absorb into the salt.
  •  EARTH: Bury your object into the dirt (or flower pot) – just make sure to put a marker where you put them. My least favorite cleanse, but it can help with jewelry.
  • SACRED BREATHE: Call on your higher self, guides  and guardians and blow away the negativity off the object (like blowing out your birthday candle).
  • COOL WATER: Wash object with cool water and sea salt, but make certain the points of the object are facing down the drain to run the negative energy right down the sink. Not everything can be washed, so make sure this is okay to be cleansed this way. I have used this technique with clothing. I’ve also utilized HOLY WATER and ROSE WATER.
  • VISUALIZE:  Hold or touch your object and visualize it being cleansed by your guides and angels.
  • CRYSTALS: You can place crystals on or around the objects to help cleanse.  Selenite, Blue Kyanite, Citrine, Snowflake Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline are some of my favorites and can absorb negative energy. Just make sure to smudge or rinse off the crystals with sea salt water afterwards.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: I do love my essential oils, and I’ve made my share of sprays with essential oils and herbs and washed my objects with this (although you can diffuse them as well). You can add a pinch of sea salt, and even crush up some crystals with it. Simply use your own intuition and positive intention when creating.
    • Rose – It helps to raise the vibration of the energy.
    • Peppermint – Uplifts and calms energy.
    • Basil – A protective oil.
    • Cypress – Grounds and protects.
    • Lavender – Is a great neutralizer and helps relax.
    • Frankincense – Cleanses the aura of a person and objects.
    • Sage – Clears the negative energy and neutralizes.
    • Palo Santo – Known as holy wood – it helps to protect, cleanse, and remove negative energy.
    • Cinnamon – Relaxes tense energy.
    • Cedarwood – Connects us to angels and allows them to help cleanse.

Whatever cleansing you utilize, though, it works best with intention and with prayer. Positive brings more positive. “Disintegrate all negative energies, thoughts, and emotions from this room/object now. Fill this space with love, blessings and joy from above.”

Before taking on a vintage purchase I do try and spend some time holding it, touching it, and just sensing it. If I get the ‘stay away’ feeling, I trust in that even if it is beautiful. And if you bring home something that had been hibernating some negative energy know that you more than likely don’t have to toss it or call it a loss, instead simply try one of the above solutions.

Many ask my favorite vintage shops: 

  • Vintage Farmhouse – 310 S Broad St, Holly, MI 48442
  • Town Peddler Craft and Antique Mall – 35323 Plymouth Rd, Livonia, MI 48150
  • The Old Crow – 7499 N State Rd, Davison, MI 48423
  • Home Sweet Tree – 335 S Houghton St, Milford, MI 48381
  • The Barn Antiques – 48120 W 8 Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167
  • Odds & Ins – 144 S Milford Rd, Highland, MI 48357
  • The Shops at 101 – 101 S Saginaw St – Holly, Michigan

I believe in YOU!



Kristy Robinett is an Intuitive,  Psychic Medium and author of many books. She loves anything sparkly, fuzzy socks, chocolate ice cream, cuddly cats, old Victorian homes and hugs from her husband and four kids. To set up a private session, visit Visit Follow her at Twitter @kristyrobinett.

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