10 Things About Me and This Blog That You Will Want to Keep in Mind

10 Things About Me and This Blog That You Will Want to Keep in Mind November 23, 2020

I’ve been back for just over a week now. If you’ve been reading along, or have followed me for any length of time now, you probably know some stuff about me and what I’m all about. But for those who are new, I wanted to take some time, back up a bit, and tell you some stuff about me so that you kinda know where I’m coming from. That way, y’all will have a bit of a context, which is always important.

So, here’s 10 things about me and this blog that will be important to keep in mind as you read further.

I. The Snark Factor

I’m snarky. I can’t help it. Sarcasm is just so damn fun. It’s a go-to when all other styles fail. If you aren’t into the snark factor, then maybe this blog won’t be for you. I hope it is, but I understand if it isn’t.

II. A Sense of Humor

I like to joke around. A lot. I poke fun at a lot of things, also. But fear not. I poke fun at myself a lot, too. Self-deprecation is my friend, so if you are one of those who take themselves too seriously, again, this blog isn’t gonna be your favorite roller-coaster.

III. I’ve Been An Evangelical

This one’s important. It gives y’all a context of where I’ve been. 25 years were spent in the Evangelical church. I led worship for like 10 of those years. I’ve attended countless Bible studies. I’ve done the Merry Go ‘Round. So, before you quote Bible verses at me in the comments, simply because I said something that doesn’t line up with how YOU see things, know that I know those passages. Pretty well. I either don’t care or have a different way of interpreting them.

IV. My Views May Sound Heretical

I have a lot of views that will sound heretical to many Christians. And perhaps many are. I don’t know. I AM a Universalist. I don’t believe in penal substitution atonement theory. Nor do I think the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. And maybe “worse” than all that? I think all faith traditions have merit. So, if you can’t handle that, I’m #sorrynotsorry.

V. Loosely Held Beliefs

I am a big proponent of direct experience. I believe it is the wisest epistemological starting place. And as such, I hold my doctrinal beliefs loosely. I am agnostic about a lot of things. Gripping dogmas is a recipe for disaster. The only thing I’m really certain of outside of the fact that I’ve experienced things is that I’m uncertain about everything.

VI. I Love Jesus

In spite of everything, I still love Jesus. To my mind, he’s still the bee’s knees. I don’t know if that’s a theological statement or not, but whatever. Point being: I love Jesus. I love his teachings. I love his mission and message. Everything. However, I also love the Buddha, and hold all enlightened masters in very high regard. To me, there is no fundamental difference between the Way of Jesus and the Way of the bodhisattva.

VII. Mistakes Will Be Made, And Acknowledged

If there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s that I mess up. If you ask my wife, she may tell you it’s a lot. But one thing I pride myself on is being able to recognize mistakes and attempting to grow from them. To put it in Christianese, I do a lot of repenting (mind-changing). My belief is that we learn the most from mistakes.

VIII. Inclusion is Important to Me

In spite of my attitude toward fundamentalism, I am really inclusive. Sure, I don’t tolerate intolerance that well. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and a bunch of the other -phobias gotta go! But I do believe that God still loves hateful people, even if she is repulsed by their behavior. They just may need some extra time in purgatory, if you catch my meaning.

IX. Too Liberal For Conservatives, Too Libertarian for Liberals

Politically, I am a misfit. I’m certainly NOT conservative. Socially, I’m liberal AF. However, I bristle at the thought that the State does a good job at implementing my liberal ideas. And it certainly sucks at economics. Like, balance a budget, for God’s sake! This puts me politically at odds with a lot of people. Knowing this, I’ll do my best to always explain myself so that I’m not misunderstood (when I’m unable, please refer to heading VII).

X. Sensitivity

Those who know me only a little may think that I’m not an emotional person. This would be false. Sure, I can come across as a smart dude (read: smart ass) without a heart, but I’m far from that. I’m only kinda smart and I use my heart a lot. It just takes some getting to know me to realize this. So, be nice in the comments. I don’t need to hear how I’m going to hell and leading a bunch of poor suckers with me. I’ve heard all that . . . and much more! And while it no longer hurts my feelings (I find it quite funny now, actually), sometimes it just gets old. And sometimes, if put in such a way, it even stings a bit.

So, that’s a bit about me. If you wanna get to know me better, please follow me on social media. I’m pretty active on all platforms:






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Matthew is a best-selling author, blogger, podcaster, long-time social worker, and hip-hop artist. He is an outspoken advocate for nonviolence, happily married, with one daughter. Outside of writing, his interests include gardening, hiking, and European football. He lives in Northern California You can read more about the author here.
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