Alisa Childers Shocked To Discover The Truth About Historic Christianity

Alisa Childers Shocked To Discover The Truth About Historic Christianity April 28, 2022

Pacoima, CA – Former ZOEgirl band member Alisa Childers, a huge proponent of “historic Christianity,” made headlines this week after she was forced to admit that historic Christians weren’t who she thought they were. The shocking discovery came late last Monday, when a group of theologians notified her of what was actually in her Bible, as well as what the early Church Fathers actually believed. Citing 1 Timothy 2:12, the letter to Childers remindered her that, according to some antiquated historic Christians, it is not wise to “permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.”

The letter went on:

We would also like to remind you that historic Christians like Tertullian believed that women were the source of all evil. Augustine, the Father of Fathers, argued that women were to be helpers to men, their main job being to produce babies. So, let us ask you: what are you doing on YouTube, preaching the Gospel? Historic Christianity would forbid it. Your only role is to tend to the home and produce offspring, all to the glory of God.

Childers is yet to respond to our requests for comment, but did have this to say on her YouTube channel: “I guess I was wrong about historic Christianity. Maybe I’ll refrain from using that term so flippantly. It turns out historic Christianity doesn’t necessarily mean Christlike Christianity.”

We here at ASF News couldn’t agree more, which is why we don’t adhere to historic Christianity. Their views on women were horrific, and in no way represent our faith. To date, we still wonder why anyone would align themselves with historic Christianity, given their obvious toxicity.

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