Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Conspiracy Theory Is That She’s Being Controlled By Aliens

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Conspiracy Theory Is That She’s Being Controlled By Aliens May 15, 2022

Milledgeville, GA – Marjorie Taylor Greene is best known for her outlandish conspiracy theories, but her latest one takes the cake. During an interview with far-right propagandist Greg Kelly, the beleaguered Republican Representative floated the idea that she may in fact be the result of a CIA plot to make conservatives look bad.

“Who really knows what’s going on, Greg,” Greene stated, when asked about the CIA’s ties with extra-terrestrial technology. “For all we know, I was abducted at one point and they programmed my brain to say all sorts of wild things. I wouldn’t put it past the Left to be behind it so that they can write me off as some crazy conservative conspiracy theorist. But really, I’m just a patriot who loves this country, and I’m just asking the questions the American people are too afraid to ask.”

From there, the interview went completely off the rails. Even someone like Greg Kelly wasn’t sure how to respond, quickly pivoting to another topic.

In recent weeks, some of Greene’s former supporters have distanced themselves from the Georgia congresswoman. Lauren Boebert, another far-right conspiracy-peddling Representative, quickly piled on her GOP colleague, tweeting:

“MTG has gone completely bonkers! She was right to say that the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump, and that the wildfires in California were caused by lasers, but this is beyond crazy. Tone it down, girl. Your [sic] making us all look bad.”

As expected, the Twitterverse wasn’t too kind to Boebert:

@DinoDan69 responded, “Boebert calling MTG crazy is like Trump telling Carrot Top he has bad hair.”

@ConservativePwnd commented, “Fake election fraud and Jewish Space Lasers are fair game, but aliens are a line too far? These people are hilarious.”

@TimAllen_333 said, “MTG actually makes sense here. Maybe you all are being controlled by aliens because there is no way in hell actual humans are this stupid.”

Of course, this new conspiracy floated by Greene has not had a negative impact on her polling numbers. In fact, after this interview aired, she went up over 2 points, proving that the American experiment is reaching its final days.


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