Trump’s New Grift: Hawking $60 Bibles

Trump’s New Grift: Hawking $60 Bibles April 8, 2024

Well, Donald Trump is at it again. After peddling a run of goofy-ass gold sneakers to suckers with at least $400 of disposable income–a smart move to lure in Black voters, according to the always racist and out of touch Fox News–he has now put his name on … you guessed it … the Bible itself; or, what many Christians call the “Word of God.” And while a litany of self-respecting Jesus followers are condemning him for it, a whole host of other self-proclaimed “Christians” are actually purchasing copies and doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on their support for the biggest con man in the history of con men.

What’s fascinating about this whole thing is that these Christians don’t seem to see the great irony of it all. It’s as if the Bible doesn’t warn against the very things these very folks are engaging in–namely, selling their souls to a movement antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. I no longer believe any of the “Left Behind” BS any longer, but if I did, how would I not see the similarities between them and the Christians who, in the last of days, will turn their backs on the Lord? Hell, they even got the mark on their foreheads (that stupid red baseball hat they always wear)!

But seriously, aren’t these folks the ones who say we need to bring God back into America? And that we need to teach the Bible in our schools? I’m sorry, but you can’t say that and then endorse a Bible that includes the lyrics to a Lee Greenwood song. It just doesn’t work like that–I thought the book of Revelation said we aren’t suppose to add anything to the words of the Bible?

Obviously, that’s not really what that passage means, but you get my point: THEY believe it does. And yet, when it comes to MAGA, Jesus takes a back seat. Put more accurately, Jesus ain’t even invited into the car. Because if he were, he’d have a few things to say about where the faith that is supposedly based on him has gone, and they ain’t trying to hear it! Best to just tune out the actual words of the Messiah in favor of flippantly using his image and likeness.

Really, though; maybe Jesus wouldn’t say anything to these fake Christians, and instead just weep. That’s probably more on the nose. There are no words left for this level of absurdity.

On one of my podcasts even–Apostates Anonymous–we took a break from one of our satirical bits because of how absurd real life has become. Honestly, what sort of parody can you make after this? Are we not well beyond parody at this point? Has the Christian faith in America not become so laughably absurd that there are no more words to say? That’s how I feel sometimes, which is probably why I tend to emphasize the post in “post-Christian” whenever I describe my current status.

But back to Trump.

In any normal circumstance, I wouldn’t care about people like him. There have always been grifters and hucksters, and there always will be. The shocking part is the level of support this particular one has among folks who claim to be a part of a different “Way.” You know, the “Way” of the one who told us to bless the poor, aid the marginalized, comfort the afflicted, and remain humble, peaceful, and kind throughout. Trump not only does none of this, but he encourages others to be antithetical to it (while they listen!). THAT’S THE ISSUE I HAVE. And it’s frankly the issue ANY person of faith should have. And yet, this man is out there selling Bibles to the one group of people who, according to them, should be on the lookout for such blasphemy.

But here we are. Again talking about Trump. Again talking about Christianity’s obsession with him. Again talking about how he sinks to a new low to pander to folks who really should know better.

But what else can we do but kick against the goads? I know no one who is still in the MAGA camp will ever listen to me. But I’ve gotta try, right? Right?! What would it take for them to change? Perhaps nothing at this point. But I gotta try, even if this blog entry is nothing more than  screaming into the void.

God help us.

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Matthew J. Distefano is an author, blogger, podcaster, and social worker. He lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter You can read more about the author here. You can read more about the author here.
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