Teaching Ethics in Montana

Teaching Ethics in Montana May 23, 2012

Below is an announcement from the Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program at The University of Montana-Missoula. As a student and employee of UM, I studied under and worked with Deni Elliott (wiki) in the Philosophy department and the Center for Ethics (now the Mansfield Ethics and…). In addition to the courses I took from Dr. Elliott and programs I worked with her on, I also had the privilege of sitting in on this particular class. Deni is a phenomenal professor (and human being).

People travel from around the world for this course. If you are interested in teaching ethics and can get to Missoula for a week (it can easily double as a very worthwhile vacation), then I would encourage you to sign up – asap:

Greetings! The Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program sincerely appreciates your assistance in promoting our course to all interested education professionals and graduate students. Registration ends May 31st.

Philosophy 521: The Theory and Skills of Ethics Teaching

Three Credit Course, June 25th-29th
Presented by Deni Elliott, Poynter-Jamison Chair in Media Ethics and Press Policy, USF

Learn to use classical philosophical theory effectively
Create learning goals and perfect teaching techniques
Develop and defend a user-friendly system of ethics analysis
Develop materials for use in your own classroom or workplace
Create assessment strategies for lessons and programs

Here is what previous students have said:

“I loved the way that Deni drew us out, clarified our comments and challenged us to be more precise!”
“Great job modeling and teaching me how to do the same in my own classrooms!”
“An intellectual and holistic experience in understanding ethics pedagogy”

Space is limited! Please visit our website to register:
Deadline is May 31st!

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Okal:
(406) 243-6605



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