Buddhist Political Preferences Poll Extended to June 5

Buddhist Political Preferences Poll Extended to June 5 June 3, 2016

With just over 200 responses thus far, this month’s Buddhist Political Preferences online poll is already shaping up to be quite interesting.

Some notes thus far: it seems to be the most equally balanced in the age ranges so far. There is still an overwhelming over-representation of white/Caucasian identified Buddhists as well as males and those identifying as converts and sympathizers as opposed to “cradle” Buddhists (those raised by a Buddhist family). While it’s likely that no particular number of responses will overcome this (and there is no way to fully overcome the inherent source-bias of a non-random survey), reaching 300+ responses will help us fall in line with the earliest two surveys. So I’m extending the poll for two more days in hopes of gaining further in diversity and overall response size.

First, some of the responses (optional and anonymous) to the question: Would you like to state why you support your chosen candidate?

From the Sanders supporters:

  • this is the Candidate who’s values are most closely aligned to mine
  • I prefer a candidate that is for social policy that benefits all Americans, the environment and is willing to stand-up to the current corrupt system.
  • He does not influence anger or hatred
  • Most progressive
  • Honest, integrity, the real deal. He supports my interests.
  • I believe that Bernie Sanders is the only hope for making the United States a force for good in the world. I believe Hilary will continue on a course of self-destructive Capitalism, and that a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the human race. This race is not about the lesser of several evils, it is about good versus evil, and Bernie Sanders is a good person.
  • Compassionate, sincere, devoted to equality, against national security state and foreign adventures.
  • Bernie Sanders is not part of the Washington establishment. He seems to actually care about the poor and helping those less fortunate.
  • His honesty, awareness and compassion
  • Environment, college, citizens united, economy

From the Clinton supporters:

  • She is the most qualified candidate.
  • I believe she has the most experience, ability to work with others, and is open to growth and change.
  • Experienced progressive, level-headed.
  • Mrs. Clinton, who has extensive experience on the international stage, has been consistent in her tone, has not resorted to violent rhetoric, and her supporters have been peaceful
  • Has shown herself a staunch supporter of equal rights – esp, women’s rights; she has proven herself to be a capable political representative of the USA in international affairs
  • Most conforms to my beliefs
  • Centrist
  • Intelligent wise and well intentioned compassionate and correct on the issues!
  • Hillary Clinton is quite obviously the responsible choice.  A Trump presidency would not only be an embarrassment to the US in front of the other nations, but his total lack of political experience and grandiose, delusional personality would be quite dangerous for national security as well as throwing hundreds of thousands of rational, intelligent people into depressive states.
  • While I like many of Bernie Sanders’ positions, I believe much of what he wants to accomplish is not possible.  I think that Hillary Clinton has a more realistic approach and will have greater success in working with the Congress to accomplish what is best for the country.

From the Trump supporters (of whom there is a growing number):

  • Tired of the Statu Quo, prefer plain speaking of Donald Trump.
    The Republican tent is too small and the Democratic one too far left. It’s not the same party it use to be.
    Hillary is terribly dishonest. Her desire to be president is self-centered and not in the interest of our country. Bernie is honest but not realistic.
  • After Obama, we need Trump. After that nonsense is over, we will find sensible ground.
  • Best for future of country
  • Security of citizens from Islamic attack. Less funding for federal murder (death penalty and abortion). Taking personal responsibility instead of provided living.
  • The lesser of the evils available to pick from.

From the Johnson supporters (of whom there is also a growing number):

  • Decriminalization of medical marijuana
  • Socially liberal, fiscally conservative
  • The issues most important to me, privacy and civil liberties, are most represented by the Libertarian party.
  • Gary is Libertarian and I feel we should restrict and lessen government control over people and create a more free society.

And lastly, from the Stein supporters (again, growing in numbers in the poll):

  • Green Party is most in line with Quaker and Buddhist values in my opinion.
  • Not a fascist
  • I think it’s clear that we need to expand beyond a two-party system, and the Greens are most sympathetic to my beliefs.
  • She is antiwar and pro-planet and supports affordable education and healthcare for all.

There are also write-ins of “No Confidence” and Vermin Supreme who noted, respectively:

  • I have no confidence in any of the presidential candidates, but I will vote in local, state and other federal elections. I will write “No confidence” in the blank field under all the other presidential candidates.
  • Puck the 2 Farty system

So here’s your chance to puck the 2 farty system, or otherwise select your prefered candidate and say why (ending 1pm PST June 5th):

(If you do not see the form above, open this link in a new window to see the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MUmye277K79O95G3Hb0xb42V3o-U1WPe50j8NBvOb1M/viewform ).

And read the original post earlier this week on some of the difficulties inherent in polling.

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