Slipping Support for Sanders, Buddhists turn to Trump, Stein, and Johnson in latest reader poll

Slipping Support for Sanders, Buddhists turn to Trump, Stein, and Johnson in latest reader poll June 7, 2016

Citing a recent survey of anonymous superdelegates, the AP last night said that Clinton has what is needed to win the Democratic nomination. I’ve seen the outrage (Glenn Greenwald is always a good read). I’ve also seen that this has, sort of, happened before. And what next? Former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton and current Sanders supporter, Robert Reich, has some advice.

But that is getting ahead of ourselves a bit. First, results from this month’s reader (self-selected, online, non-randomized) survey of presidential preferences. There is, at the start, a fair degree of consistency with previous polls, going back to late February (March, and April). Readers here, or at least those responding to the survey, are largely white, male, into Zen, and in support of Bernie Sanders.

Separating out other ethnic groups gives us perilously small response groups (Asian respondents this month support Sanders 7-2 over Clinton), and when female respondents alone are accounted for, Clinton does better, though still trailing behind Sanders roughly 2-1.

june-poll-age breakdown

june-poll-gender-income breakdowns


june-religion responses




And, the most important question:


This shows that while Sanders has lost some support compared with previous surveys, much of that support is going not to Clinton but to Trump and the “3rd Party” candidates Stein and Johnson.

For some further breakdown by race/ethnicity, we found that Asian respondents preferred Sanders (7-2) over Clinton. Black/African-American respondents chose Clinton (1), Sanders (1), and Stein (1). Latin@ respondents preferred Sanders (3) over Clinton (1) and Trump (1).

Singling out self-identified females, we find 41 in support of Sanders, 19 for Clinton, 3 for Stein, 2 for Trump, and 1 undecided.

By age:



So that’s that for now. I’ll be interested to see where people go in the end of June, given that Sanders may (or may not) be out of the running. My guess is that we’ll hear a lot more about and from the Green and Libertarian candidates either way. Your thoughts are always welcome in the comment section. As for those who commented on the poll itself:

You’re welcome!
Thank you for adding “Nichiren” (non-Soka Gakkai) followers as a choice.
Thank you
Thank you for taking a measured interest in the way politics and religion relate to each other.
Thanks for offering the opportunity.
great questions!
None, although, I like the idea
Thank you for conducting this poll!
A+++++++ would survey again
Good idea, hopefully it is useful
Trump is a mentally unstable person how he can lead a world leading nation ?
Listing “Pure Land” several tiers above “Jodo Shinshu” may cause some Shin folks to click “Pure Land” and move on, not noticing the more accurate option. I would list Jodo Shinshu right before Pure Land, just like you’ve done with Soka Gakkai followed immediately by Nichiren, which I think is a good way to handle it.
open elections and no gerrymanding
Great job!
A pleasure to answer.
Not a scientific survey. Do you really have a purpose.
(I’ll take the ‘move Jodo Shinshu’ advice, and that last comment – no existential questions, please)

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