Independents Are Larger than Either Political Party

Independents Are Larger than Either Political Party March 29, 2016

Patheos Andy Gill

I saw posted over on Twitter the other day that independents are larger than either political party. I found this interesting, believable, but was still a bit doubtful. So, I went and checked it out; here’s what I found…

Turns out, he wasn’t completely wrong. A recent Gallup Poll shows two interestingly relevant points:

  1. 43% of Americans are registered as political independents.
  2. But, still yet, democrats maintain the the political weight.
Gallup Poll Andy Gill Patheos
Image provided by Gallup Poll. Originally posted here:

What does this mean?

I think this shows, or highly implies that our system being limited to two major parties is faulted. Bernie Sanders coming in as a “Socialistic Democrat” is really not much of a surprise when we take this research into consideration. The americans frustration with our faulted political system, in my opinion, is seen in not just Sanders emergence, but the ever so depressing reality of Trump taking the Republican nomination; I truly don’t believe that it’s Trump being so-loved, but that American republicans have become so disgusted by decades of corrupt politicians. Similarly with Sanders, he is offering a seemingly raw and authentic truth-to-power political type of courage.

It’s interesting to mention that as many Americans are identifying as political independents we similarly see Americans identifying, religiously speaking, as unaffiliated “nones.”
What does this say about the state of America at large, our present institutions and systems in place, economically, socially, and of course, politically?
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